Storisell delivers an animated explainer video to Northfork. The market leader in recipes as a sales tool – a startup changing the way grocery retailers sell groceries with recipes.

Northfork is building the future of grocery shopping. Since starting the company, Robin Rendahl, has focused on offering customers compelling value. As a breakthrough example, today recipe sales make up 20% of total orders at Coop. Northfork is also a part of SUP46 – Start-up People of Sweden where Storisell became an official service provider in January 2017.

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In this production, our team at Storisell focused on simplifying a complex message in a marketplace that is changing rapidly. Today, grocery retailers have to innovate as online competition is increasing and new technology is becoming more available. We started by asking an open-ended question: “Do you know how the convenience economy is changing the competitive landscape for online grocery retailers?”. A question that is intended to spark interest and relate to the target audience for online grocery retailers. We also present the changes that are occurring in the grocery retailing market by focusing on the importance of “convenience”. We illustrate this by comparing the outcome of two scenarios (a) retailers that burden the consumers versus (b) those that make it easy for consumers to make single purchase decisions in real-time. In the end, our team at Storisell has produced a custom animated explainer video that will be used throughout several marketing channels with tailored graphics based on the customer’s visual identity.

Customer: Gastrofy AB (
Project manager: William Sehlin,, +46733 1441 26
Production lead: Ossian Veronese,, +46709 62 1998
Delivery: August 2017


Storisell produces explainer videos to Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin and Storisell’s cooperation has been going on for some time. Our team at Storisell has produced Prime Penguin’s logotype, web graphics and an animated explainer video. In this production, we focused on communicating an overall picture of the company. The customer has been helpful throughout the entire process from manuscript development and conceptualization to the final proofing. Everything is developed from Prime Penguin’s graphic profile.


Storisell delivers explainer videos to Kreditz

Storisell proudly delivers an explainer video to the person-to-person startup, Kreditz. Kreditz lets you share or request someone’s identity, score, and payability. Simply connect to your bank, calculate, and share your score with anyone, at any time. In this production, our team focused on using everyday examples in order to illustrate how the service is used.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Zaplox

Zaplox is on a mission to revolutionize the mobile guest journey for hotels with mobile check-in, check-out and mobile keys in one seamless, custom branded app with integrations to leading PMS and lock systems. Storisell has over the years delivered several explainer videos to Zaplox. Each production is custom branded with the use of the clients graphic profile.


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