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Essential questions for video testimonials


Making sincere video testimonials can alter the perceptions that your clients, staff, and business partners have of your organization. But for someone doing it for the first time, asking the appropriate questions can be challenging. The first key of writing effective testimonials is that they must appear unmistakably sincere. Making the testimonial sound and feel real is our first priority when creating testimonial videos for our clients at Storisell. As a result, we frequently advise against using actors. The only exception is if product samples have been delivered to them a week in advance.

Asking questions that help to capture the client’s experience and offer insightful information for potential customers is crucial when gathering customer testimonials. Inquiries that are relevant to customer testimonials include the following:

  1. When you first started using our product or service, what issue were you seeking to resolve?
  2. How did our offer aid in resolving your issue?
  3. What particular aspects or advantages of our product or service do you think are most valuable?
  4. How has our product or service changed your daily routine or place of business?
  5. What would you say was the overall impression you had of our offer?
  6. Would you advise others to use our product or service, and why?
  7. What, in your opinion, distinguishes our good or service from similar ones on the market?
  8. Can you give any concrete instances or tales that illustrate how our product or service has benefited your company or way of life?
  9. How has it been for you to work with our team?
  10. How can we enhance your experience with our product or service? What can we change or improve?

Do you also want to produce testimonial videos for your company? Produce your videos with our in-house film team at Storisell. We help you from the concept to the final render. Start by requesting our price guide or contact someone on our team.