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2024 Startup Campaign

More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs and want explainer videos to accelerate their startup idea. At Storisell, we think that’s fantastic and we have received many requests over the years from startups who want to produce premium explainer videos, but who haven’t always had the right budget – that’s why we are scheduling price-reduced production weeks only in January 2024 and only for startups. Do you want to produce a premium explainer video? First come, first served applies to the production time we have set aside for startups. To qualify, your company needs to be younger than three financial years. Request a quote via the form. Email works too: We look forward to producing your content and hearing more about your project.

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Storisell delivers startup videos to Connectel

In this case with Connectel we present one of the animated explainer videos we produced. In this project, our team produced the entire video from concept, storyboarding, illustrations, animation and final proofing. Everything is designed using the colors and guidelines in the client’s brand book. Connectel is a cloud based customer service system helping their users create seamless customer experiences. We want to thank the team at Connectel for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces startup videos to Filestar

Storisell can proudly present our explainer video for Filestar. Filestar is a file management software that lets you do anything to any file. Storisell has produced the concept, script, voice recording, animation and proofing. Everything is designed from scratch based on the client’s brand book. We thank the Filestar team for a good collaboration.

Animation / Design / Film

Storisell produces explainer videos to Minty

In this case we present our explainer video production for Minty Digital. Everything in the video production is designed from the ground up by Storisell’s in-house team. We want to thank the team at Minty Digital for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces live-action explainer videos to Hosco

Storisell can here present the live-action explainer video we produced for to the worlds largest recruitment platform within hospitality. Hosco empowers the hospitality industry by connecting, inspiring, and providing opportunities to all its professionals around the world. In this production, Storisell was responsible for the entire production from concept development in the workshop to proofing graphics with excellent cooperation with the client. We thank Hosco for a good collaboration project.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Hotjar

Storisell delivers explainer videos to Hotjar. All graphics are produced based on the customer’s brand book and hand-drawn internally by Storisell. We want to thank Hotjar for another good project together.


Storisell delivers explainer videos to Klarna

Storisell can proudly present the explainer video our team produced for Klarna bank and their product In-Store Payments. In-Store Payments with Klarna lets consumers use the app to pay later at any of their favourite online stores. In this production, our team designed a new explainer video for Klarna with the customer’s latest brand book since becoming a licensed bank. The voice-over recording was performed in London within Storisell’s network of recording studios. We want to thank the team at Klarna for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Ensure

In this case we present our explainer video production for Ensure. Everything in the video production is designed from the ground up by Storisell’s in-house team. We want to thank the team at Ensure for a good collaboration.


Storisell delivers startup content to XR Tech

Storisell can in this client case proudly present an explainer video for XR Tech. XR Tech is a game-tech startup that’s offering a location 
based VR experience, available for everyone. Everything this explainer video is designed from scratch by our in-house team.

Content Translation & Adaptation

Translate your startup videos into new languages

We provide translation services that helps you translate your content into all the market languages you need. The aim is to create local content that feels native for every country.

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Startup Videos FAQ

How do I take advantage of the Startup Campaign offer?

To get started, email our team to request a quote. Use the subject heading “Startup Campaign” and we’ll provide you with the reduced rate. Email: You can also request a quote via the form on this page. After submitting the information on the form, we will contact you to send a quote.

Why are startup videos good tools?

Startup videos are good tools for many reasons. They help you convert a complex message in a matter of minutes and create a strong first impression if the startup videos are produced correctly. Ask yourself, how important is your startup’s first impression? What kind of opportunities will a great first impression unlock? And, consider, if the company has a bad first impression, what opportunities are lost? The use of video to convey what your startup does is become more important by the day and the production quality in the video can easily be felt by the listener and viewer. It’s the professional audio, premium animation, and imagery that your target audience sees, hears, and feels. If video is going to be your first impression, we recommend to produce premium quality content with our team at Storisell.

How can I reuse the illustrations used in our animated startup videos?

When you have produced at least one animated explainer video with Storisell, you also have access to unique designs created exclusively for your company. This design can be reused in other parts of your marketing such as the website, social media, document design, infographic, ebooks and other great ideas you have. Regardless of the type of design you want to produce in your startup videos, the raw files from our production lay the foundation for working long term with design for your company. Tell us about your marketing ideas to get started. Email:

What services does Storisell offer to startups?

We offer all of our services to startups. The reduced weeks happen during August and January every year. If you can’t wait until these months, then you can always order the services you need up until those months according to our regular prices and then take advantage of our reduced Startup Campaign rates. If you want to learn more about our services or need help finding anything on our website, or international offer, please feel free to email to reach our team directly.