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Digital Design & Branding

At Storisell, we think of digital design as a fundamental element that characterizes your business. When starting a firm, it’s frequently one of the first topics discussed, and it remains an issue as long as the business aspires to compete and expand. We deliver all the fundamental brand assets, such as the logotype, color schemes, icons, and illustrations, to continued art direction, evaluation, and enhancement. Every new project begins with a session where we learn about your brand and goals. Start by filling out the form to view our prices; you’ll receive an email shortly after.


Design / Animation / Film

XR Tech on digital design projects with Storisell

Our team at Storisell speaks with Sebastian Kjersén, the founder and CEO of XR Tech, about their digital design initiatives. For the virtual reality startup, we have created a number of animated explainer movies and digital design deliverables. Thank you to the XR Tech team for a productive cooperation.


Whisbi talks about their productions with Storisell

See how Whisbi felt about working with our team at Storisell in the testimonial video. Global business Whisbi provides a live video engagement solution for businesses. Urska Blagojevic, the organization’s marketing director, is the subject of the interview. We appreciate the Whisbi team’s cooperation and send them big thanks.

Design / Animation / Film

Oxceed talks about their productions with Storisell

Our team at Storisell has completed various design and video production projects for Oxceed. Martin Ericson from Oxceed discusses their experience working with Storisell and the significance of the content for a developing SaaS-business in this testimonial video. We appreciate the Oxceed team’s help in our successful collaboration.

Digital design and branding for your story

Digital Design FAQ

How do we get started with our first digital design project?

To get started, email our team at with a brief regarding your project or request a video call. You can also view our price guide by filling in the form. If you want help finding anything else on our website or want to ask a question, please feel free to reach out. We’d be glad to listen to your ideas and provide you with digital design options.

In which markets do you offer your services?

We have clients in over fifteen markets today and can work on your projects in a number of languages. Let us know which requirements you have by emailing our team at and we’ll get back with an estimate and timeline.