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Learn more about working at Storisell
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CAREER. Storisell is an exciting workplace characterized by personal development and mentoring. We are a workplace without bosses. We help every employee to challenge themselves and to think outside the box. Learn more about our open positions.


What we are looking for:

  • Endurance; completing tasks, documentation of customer interaction, monitoring, etc.
  • Ability to listen; we listen to our customers, contractors and employees
  • Organizational skills: ability to document, plan your time and manage customer expectations.
  • Energy; we give all our employees health care contributions and we work 6.5 hours days.
  • We welcome feedback; We are always looking for feedback (good to bad) and believe that one’s ability to learn from constructive criticism makes us better people and professionals.
  • Sense of efficiency: we want our employees to feel effective. We consider this to reduce stress, increase productivity and make work more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Work smarter, not harder: By communicating effectively, we can remove much unwanted extra work and clear the schedule to work with new customers.

ACCOUNT PROJECT MANAGER. At Storisell we frequently recruit for the role of Account Project Manager. This is an exciting role for motivated and goal-oriented people. It’s an autonomous role with lots of customers interaction – where the position is assessed based on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer feedback. An Account Project Manager works 50% with existing customers and 50% with prospecting for new business.

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VOICEOVER TALENT. Are you a voiceover talent? Send us your demo narrative. We work with freelance voiceover talents around the globe. Apply: hr@storisell.com

SOLUTIONS. Learn more about the solutions we offer to our customers. We offer a range of video and web products for companies of all sizes. Learn more

LINKEDIN. Learn more about our jobs and career prospects by following Storisell on LinkedIn.Storisell is an exciting workplace characterized by personal development and mentoring. Go to LinkedIn

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Are you a voiceover talent? Send us your demo narrative.


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Are you our next Account Project Manager? Send us your CV.


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