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Careers at Storisell

We’ve created an environment where talented individuals can thrive and challenge themselves. A place where we value everyone’s professional growth. With each new project and each new conversation we progress both our clients objectives and our own development. Learn more about working at Storisell on this page.
Motion Designers

Storisell hires some of the most talented motion designers in Barcelona. Apply with your portfolio and CV to

Digital Designers

Working as a digital designer at Storisell means you have a broad creative skillset and excel at several creative tasks normally performed by a marketing agency.

Creative Project Managers

Becoming a Creative Project Manager at Storisell means you have to have both sales experience and be good at managing creative projects.

Web Developers

Our talented Web Developers at Storisell work on a variety of projects and every week can look different from the past.


For talented students




Storisell has registered companies in several countries in order to support our clients, but our talented production team is hired in-house in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain. Spain has many great components, there are good design universities and the lifestyle makes them great home-bases for our team.

Avinguda de la Catedral, 6, 08002, Barcelona
Carrer de l'Almirall Cadarso, 26, 46005 Valencia
T: +34 655 20 55 24

Career Opportunities

At Storisell, we love talent. Here you can find some of the open positions on our team.

Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Job information

Motion Designer

We aim at being one of the best organizations in Spain for motion designers to grow and develop and work actively to support each member on our team. All the people on our team are employed in-house – but with an autonomous culture that aims at making work fun and purposeful, with a lot of responsibility. In the role, you will, together with a Creative Project Manager, be responsible for the entire production process from storyboarding, illustration, animation, sound design, and final proofing. This makes the motion designer role at Storisell, rewarding and challenging as you need to be able to master the entire process and not just one isolated step.

We offer both remote positions across Spain and hybrid or in-office positions from our office in Barcelona with several perks, including:

– 6 weeks paid vacation
– 6 hour workday in July and August
– Private health insurance DKV
– Remote workstation or hybrid access to co-working
– Extra remote compensation
– Latest work equipment (Apple Products)


Apply on our LinkedIn page or send your portfolio and CV to

Job information

Creative Project Manager

Creative Project Managers help our clients develop their marketing and communications by producing content. From high-end animated explainer videos to commercial films, digital design and web development. You will help each client get the most out of their efforts together with our talented production team – where you lead each project from start to completion. As an organisation, we’ve chosen to provide both hybrid and remote positions, tailored for each member’s role. Either you work from one of our offices in a hybrid or in-office position or fully remote from that same city or another one.

You can also at any moment opt-in for a fixed desk or change your preference throughout the year. Here are some of the perks:

– 6 weeks paid vacation
– 6 hour workday in July and August
– Private health insurance DKV
– Remote workstation or hybrid access to co-working
– Extra remote compensation
– Latest work equipment (Apple Products)


Apply on our LinkedIn page or send your CV to

Principal No. 1

We are a talented, ambitious team used to working efficiently to produce premium content that is better than the market-standard.

Principal No. 2

We believe that premium content can transform the way companies sell, recruit, and acquire investments.

Principal No. 3

We understand that constructive feedback is an essential part of learning and becoming better. Therefore we seek feedback rigorously and welcome it gladly whenever, or wherever, it comes.

Principal No. 4

We have “Positive Intent” meaning that we choose to assume that our coworkers are working to the best of their ability with the resources and information they currently have.

Principal No. 5

We choose progress over perfection and understand that shipping projects is a better means to success and well-being than perfectionism.

Principal No. 6

We help each other become better and understand that there is always something to learn from each other in everything we do.

Principal No. 7

We work actively to maintain a steady work-life balance and help each other by talking openly about questions related to the subject.

Principal No. 8

We embrace having fun at work and understand that making work fun for our colleagues and ourselves is vital in order to be productive and develop professionally.

Principal No. 9

We adopt a Scandinavian-style leadership model that makes every leader within the organization accessible and responsive.

Principal No. 10

We, as an international organisation, value other cultures and cherish differences within the team in order to create an inclusive environment.

Sustainability Policy

Striving for a sustainable work life

Protecting our environment and actively striving for a more sustainable work life is a responsibility we all share at Storisell. It is important for us to jointly identify the challenges we face and then work together towards solving those challenges. When it comes to climate change and environmental disasters, we are all in the same boat and we need to adapt with the well-being of our planet in mind. We all share a great responsibility. It is our responsibility to ensure that the brands we work with are environmentally friendly and offer sustainable products, services and ideas that the end-customers can trust that our service is responsible in its entirety.

Paperless by default

Our organization has, since its inception, been a paperless organization in its external communication. We have put very little emphasis on printable paper products and apparel to satisfy our branding needs. Instead we focus entirely on digital communication of our offer and thereby save, even in small quantities, the environmental impact that we may have.

Business Travel

Upon traveling as a company we always compare the different suppliers and compare the impact that different sources of transportation have on the environment. We also, in our operations, push for video conferencing to be a larger part of our client outreach, therefore minimising the need to travel and creating a more sustainable service delivery by our team at Storisell. We also have a remote-first organisation which mimics the previously mentioned principle; the need to travel decreases for our employees as they can opt in to work at a local co-working space or from home, as they please.


If you have any questions about how we work with environmental issues or sustainability, please feel free to reach out to our team at