Premium Explainer Videos

Create a great first impression. There are countless of ways to use explainer videos. At Storisell our in-house team produces premium explainer videos for our clients – explainer videos that help present your great ideas. To get started, download our prices.



Storisell produces explainer videos to Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin and Storisell’s cooperation has been going on for some time. Our team at Storisell has produced Prime Penguin’s logotype, web graphics and an animated explainer video. In this production, we focused on communicating an overall picture of the company. The customer has been helpful throughout the entire process from manuscript development and conceptualization to the final proofing. Everything is developed from Prime Penguin’s graphic profile.


Storisell delivers explainer videos to Klarna

Storisell can proudly present the explainer video our team produced for Klarna bank and their product In-Store Payments. In-Store Payments with Klarna lets consumers use the app to pay later at any of their favorite online stores. They can split the cost into monthly installments or pay in full up to 30 days later. In this production, our team designed a new explainer video for Klarna with the customer’s latest brand book since becoming a licensed bank. The voice-over recording was performed in London within Storisell’s network of recording studios. We thank Klarna for good cooperation throughout the project.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Hager

Storisell has in collaboration with Nine Yards Experience Agency in Sweden produced several animated explainer videos for Hager. Hager is a leading supplier of systems, solutions and services in electrical installation. Hager has more than 11,500 employees, manufacturing in 22 locations around the world and customers in more than 120 countries. Together with Nine Yards, we produced all explainer video productions from scratch.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Hosco

Storisell proudly delivers an explainer video to the worlds largest recruitment platform within hospitality. Hosco empowers the hospitality industry by connecting, inspiring, and providing opportunities to all its professionals around the world. In this production, Storisell España was responsible for the entire production from concept development in the workshop to proofing graphics with excellent cooperation with the client. We thank Hosco for a great project.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Zaplox

Zaplox is on a mission to revolutionize the mobile guest journey for hotels with mobile check-in, check-out and mobile keys in one seamless, custom branded app with integrations to leading PMS and lock systems. Storisell has over the years delivered several explainer videos to Zaplox. Each production is custom branded with the use of the clients graphic profile.


Storisell delivers explainer videos to RewardSmarter

Storisell can proudly present our explainer video production for RewardSmarter. RewardSmarter supports businesses in strategy and policy matters and helps HR teams achieve increased efficiency in key reward processes. The explainer video is produced by Storisell’s in-house team and designed from scratched using the clients brand book.


Storisell produces explainer videos to GRC Watch

Storisell can proudly present our explainer videos for GRC Watch. GRC Watch is an independent RegTech provider based in Stockholm, specializing in new technology for governance, risk, and compliance. GRC Watch helps companies in the financial sector to speed up due diligence of third parties, by using cloud services. Their global platform is built on a network of shared company profiles, facilitates automated controls, and reporting.


Storisell delivers explainer videos to Kreditz

Storisell proudly delivers an explainer video to the person-to-person startup, Kreditz. Kreditz lets you share or request someone’s identity, score, and payability. Simply connect to your bank, calculate, and share your score with anyone, at any time. In this production, our team focused on using everyday examples in order to illustrate how the service is used.


Storisell produces explainer videos to ReviewPro

Storisell can proudly present our explainer video for ReviewPro. ReviewPro is the world leader in guest intelligence for the hospitality industry. ReviewPro’s cloud-based solutions allow its clients to have a deeper understanding of their online reputation. In this production, Storisell has produced the concept, script, voice recording, animation and proofing. Everything is designed from scratch based on the client’s brand book. We thank ReviewPro for a good production.

Where do we start? Book a workshop to get started.

At Storisell our client meetings are done through workshops. These workshops are developed based on the latest and best trends on the creative market. The goal is to implement a majority of project prerequisites. This helps establish a timeframe, everyone involved can onboard information faster, and subsequently, the quality improves. Depending on the project prerequisites a workshop can vary in length. You will, during a fun and engaging workshop, experience the creative process, and convey valuable information that is essential to the creation of your project.

Great first impressions unlocks opportunities

Ask yourself, how important is your company’s first impression? What kind of business opportunities will a great first impression unlock? And, if the company has a bad first impression, what are the lost opportunities? The production quality in the video can easily be felt. It’s the professional audio, premium animation, and imagery that your target audience feels, even your own team, and by the end of the day, yourself. If video is going to be your first impression, invest in it properly.

Reusability of designs in your marketing

All our customers who have produced at least one animated explainer video have access to unique designs created exclusively for their company. This design can be reused in other parts of your marketing such as the website, social media, document design, infographic, ebooks and other great ideas you have. Regardless of the type of design you want to produce, the raw files from our production lay the foundation for working long term with design for your company. Tell us about your marketing ideas to get started.

Premium explainers reflect your brand

When you picture your company, don’t you want it to be presented in a professional way that will help you achieve the aims you’ve set for yourself? A high-quality video can quickly be spotted and separated from the less well- produced ones. One great video could change the entire way your company is perceived by the world.

Prices at Storisell

Here we share all our prices for animation, film production, digital design, commercial photography, web development and marketing strategy. Our prices can be found by adding your details via the form – you will receive an email within a few minutes. If you’d rather talk directly with us just email


Explainer Videos


Storisell has worked with several global brands and reputable startups to create explainer videos. An explainer video educates viewers and answers basic questions so that the person understands what you offer. An explainer video should be engaging and feel well made with a clear message that provides the right information that is necessary in order to make a purchase decision. We only hire the most talented designers on our team but we believe it’s our design process that sets us apart. With several years of experience, we constantly improve and adapt our production. These explainer videos can be a great starting project with Storisell to later launch an entire suite of creative services. Since we will learn a lot about your company, competition, brand, and stakeholders during the explainer production that learning curve helps us, later on, produce content efficiently and with less overhead.

  • Introduction explainer videos might be the most common version that we produce and focus on explaining a business idea using storytelling.
  • Informational explainer videos focused on delivering a lot of information.
  • Inspirational explain videos give the viewer a lot of options and inspiration when learning about your company.
  • Transactional explainer videos focus on making the viewer purchase an item or request a quote.
  • Partner channel explainer videos are used when you want to help a reseller or partner company improve their sales or communication.
  • Tailored: There are many different ways to tailor an explainer video based on your unique company and offers. Therefore, let us know your ideas and we will create an estimate for your company.

How do we create a premium explainer video with Storisell?

At Storisell we believe that our clients have great ideas. This remains true when we produce explainer videos – we guide you through the entire process from pre-production to final proofing. We also help you produce more content based on the designs we have created and that can be replicated for your website, social media and general branding. We start the process with a workshop that takes between 3-4 hours. In this workshop we create the concept which includes everything from a mapping of your target audience, competitor design analysis, trendcasting and other variables that are important to create a good production concept. When this is done, we look at the visuals and design you want to implement and that we follow a graphic profile or brand book that we create or the client provides. Then we select the voice over artist for your explainer videos – and since Storisell has a broad network of talents available in several different languages we can easily create international video campaigns in several languages and local dialects. If we at the moment do not have the requested tonality we will start a recruitment process to fill our clients needs. After selecting or reviewing the voices, we start writing the first draft of your manuscript based on a number of storytelling techniques that can be applied depending on the concept we created earlier in the workshop. The workshop is an exploratory meeting where we encourage brainstorming and all ideas are accepted in order to narrow the scope later in the pre-production process. In all, the workshops that we deliver help us save time and improve the general quality of each delivery helping our clients get the premium explainer videos they need for the marketing strategy. Request a quote to get started today.

How are your workshops scheduled?

At Storisell our client meetings are done through workshops. These workshops are developed and constantly improved based on the latest and best trends on the creative market. The goal is to save time and resources by implementing a majority of the prerequisites in new projects. This helps set a timeframe for everyone to onboard information faster and the quality of the delivery increases. Depending on the prerequisites a workshop is either eight hours or between three to four hours. You will, during a fun and engaging workshop, experience the creative process and convey valuable information that is essential to the creation of your project.

What kind of budget do we need to produce a premium explainer video?

Contact our team and we will provide a full price list for your company and, if needed, tailor the list to your needs. You can request a quote on this page or email for more information to produce your explainer videos.


What explainer videos do is educate viewers and answer basic questions about your business so that the customer understands what you offer in an effective way. At Storisell we deliver premium explainer videos to our clients and agency partners. Our in-house team writes, designs, and animates an explainer that showcases your company. Perfect for your company website, sales meetings, and social media marketing. Request a quote to get started.