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Storisell produces corporate films to Unimi

Storisell has produced corporate films for Unimi. Founded in 2010, Unimi delivers anchoring solutions for EV chargers. In this production, Storisell has delivered the entire project from concept and manuscript to filming, post-production editing, and animation. The goal of this video was to communicate an overall image of Unimi and what the company does on a broad scale. We, therefore, flew a drone over Stockholm and captured some of the sites where Unimi has installed its technology. In terms of animation, everything is designed from scratch using Unimi’s brand book.


Storisell produces employer branding videos to Philips

Storisell proudly delivers corporate films to Philips. A project aimed at celebrating diversity and inclusion within the Philips organisation. Our goal was to interview people in leadership positions. Giving them the opportunity talk openly regarding their own experiences. Everything was produced by Storisell in-house.


Storisell produces testimonial videos to Crisp Chat

Storisell has produced a series of testimonial videos for the French SaaS company Crisp Chat in Barcelona, Spain. The aim in this production was to capture unscripted, honest reviews from end-users. This helps create a high level of social proof and references for landing pages and lead generation. Everything is produced by our in-house team at Storisell. We want to thank the team at Crisp Chat and our end-clients for good collaborations.


Storisell produces testimonial videos to eMarketeer

Storisell can proudly present our corporate film production for eMarketeer which was shot in Rotterdam. After a previous project with eMarketeer in Olso, our production team travelled to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to produce a testimonial for eMarketeer’s customer IHS. At Storisell we believe that translating customer reviews into a scalable medium, like testimonial films, makes the content accessible to prospective customers around the clock, which is a smart investment. This is exactly what eMarketeer has done. Our team also added custom motion graphics effects on the production. Everything is done in-house.

Film / Animation / Design

Oxceed talks about their productions with Storisell

Oxceed has ordered several video productions and design projects from our team at Storisell. In this testimonial video, Martin Ericson at Oxceed talks about their experience working with Storisell and what the content means for a growing SaaS company. We want to thank the team at Oxceed for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces video campaign for Bonaviva

Storisell has produced a video campaign for Tradingo. Tradingo helps individuals book viewings at exclusive new-build properties abroad – free of charge. Storisell has been responsible for the entire delivery from the pre-production to the production on site in Spain, and animation. Storisell has also produced the main web portal for Tradingo.


Storisell produces testimonial videos for ROL Fredbergs

Storisell produced this testimonial for ROL Fredbergs that displays the delivery of a McDonald’s restaurant in Sweden. Our team at Storisell has produced several testimonials to showcase the turnkey services that ROL Fredbergs delivers to their customer base. We thank the team at ROL Fredbergs for a great production.


XR Tech talks about their productions with Storisell

Sebastian Kjersén, Founder and CEO at XR Tech, talks about their productions with our team at Storisell. We have produced several animated explainer videos and digital design deliverables for the virtual reality company. Thanks to the team at XR Tech for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces testimonial with Whisbi

Watch our testimonial film where Whisbi describes their experience working with our team at Storisell. Whisbi is a global company that offers an enterprise solution for live-video engagement. In this interview we sit down with Marketing Director, Urska Blagojevic, to listen to her thoughts.


As a film production company, Storisell carefully creates a plan for your production. We do this through a creative workshop where a number of important questions are answered in the pre-production. The deliverables in the pre-production include; storyboard, manuscript (with segmentations), production plan, selection of voice-over artists and much more.


Based on the deliverables in the pre-production we implement the film production which could have a variety of locations, actors, models, and scenery requirements. The goal is to effectively work through all the required shots in the storyboard and create quality raw files for the post-production.


When your corporate films are edited, our team goes through several processes; the selection, editing, grading, sound mastering, and proofing. All these steps are important in order to create film content for your company. At Storisell we create as many deliverables as possible based on the raw files collected during the production phase. Often the raw files can be reused to create more productions in the future.

How does film production work for companies?

Depending on the type of corporate film production you want produced, there are several great ways to produce film for corporations. The important thing is that we cleary align each video with a desired goal and an application that eg. increases your leads conversation on landing pages, explains a complex product to a target audience, presents your products clearly, educates your audience. The amount of goals that you can set for your corporate films are many and our team will quickly help you find several ways of working efficiently with corporate film.

What are common types of corporate films?

Here are a few common types of corporate films:

  • Testimonials with clients or employees
  • Company presentations (general)
  • Product films (webshop or landing page)
  • TV Commercials
  • Employer branding videos
  • Educational videos (internal use or partnership channel)
  • Explainer videos (often animated but could include live-action film)

How do I get started with my film project?

At Storisell our client meetings are done through workshops. These workshops are developed based on the latest and best trends on the creative market. The goal is to implement a majority of project prerequisites. This helps establish a timeframe, everyone involved can onboard information faster, and subsequently, the quality improves. Depending on the project prerequisites a workshop can vary in length. You will, during a fun and engaging workshop, experience the creative process and convey valuable information that is essential to the creation of your project.

Here we create a film concept with a storyboard and write the first draft of our manuscript or supporting documentation. We talk about what locations would be suitable for the different frames in the storyboard and create a preliminary plan that then is communicated and revised externally (recording studio, warehouse or office spaces might need to be scheduled and their time tables checked). Time: 3-4 hours.

All companies have great ideas that can be visualized.

Give us your ideas and our team at Storisell will create an estimate, storyboard, recording plan and schedule the production dates.



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