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WordPress Services

Where the customer journey begins

The website is often where the customer journey begins. That’s why it’s important to take care of it. At Storisell we have chosen to package our web solutions into three categories: WordPress, eCommerce, and Enterprise. Each solution gives you a powerful website to start your journey in the best possible way. To get started, download our prices via the form.

The website is often where the customer journey begins. Take care of it.


Build a stunning WordPress website.


Sell your ideas online.


Custom built applications and web integrations.

WordPress Agency Services

The website is where the customer journey begins

At Storisell we have chosen WordPress as the content management system we use in client projects. That means we can specialise our efforts within WordPress and provide a superior experience for our web clients. With a multitude of tools, plugins, and theme features; the claim can easily be made that WordPress is the best publishing platform for business websites.

Want to get started on your next web project? To get started, email our team at You can also download our price guide via the form. Welcome to Storisell.

WordPress Benefits

Ease of use

WordPress eliminates the need to master HTML, CSS, PHP and other complicated technologies. This helps speed up the development and deliver a better end-product. Our team at Storisell will help you with creating unique code if more advanced requirements arise on your WordPress website. To get started with your WordPress project start by viewing our price list.

WordPress Benefits


You can work with Storisell to develop a custom site (our Enterprise solution) or build a beautiful theme-based website saving your project a lot of time. We recommend building theme-based websites in projects without an in-depth pre-study or long-term marketing plan that aligns the goals of the website. In this way, these requirements can be worked out during the time you build and develop the website. If you want to put together a marketing plan for the website, our team at Storisell will help you write and implement a strategic web plan. An example of a strategic web plan can be if your website aims at delivering leads for your sales people or if you want to educate your target audience. Often different types of outcomes require different methods to succeed on the website.

WordPress Benefits


You can choose from thousands of plugins to improve your website and adapt it to the latest trends. Our team at Storisell will help you navigate the many plugins available for your WordPress website and help you create unique plugins only for your website.

WordPress Benefits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO becomes easier with WordPress. You can apply keywords in your website URL and enable several supporting plug-ins that help improve the search engine results over time. Content is also a large part of search engine optimization and our team at Storisell will help you create content for the many objectives on your website.

WordPress Agency Benefits


It’s easy to adapt the content on the website to different devices so your visitors can get a good experience regardless if they are using your website on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Our team at Storisell helps guide you through the process of customizing your responsive website.

WordPress Benefits

Easy content management

Managing content in WordPress is easy and you can assign editors, authors, administrators and limit their freedom. Let’s say this: If you are comfortable editing a Word document, you can edit content on a WordPress website. Our team at Storisell will help guide you through the process of content management on the website we create for you.


In web development workshops we discuss the design and technical prerequisites that your project will need. This includes talking about user experience, the user interface and branding. Also the functionality, information flow and integrations. A normal workshop runs for 3-4 hours. Download our prices to get started.

WordPress Agency Services

Sell more with WooCommerce

For eCommerce projects we develop our solutions in WooCommerce. By specialising on WooCommerce we are able to give our clients a great experience. If you want to develop your solutions on another platform, we have an extensive network of partners that have experience working with all the major platforms.

To get started, email our team at We’d love to listen to your ideas and provide you with options. Welcome to Storisell.

WooCommerce Benefits

Easy to customize

WordPress, which WooCommerce runs on, is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. There are millions of websites that run on WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin is operated on this same platform. Setting up and running a WooCommerce store is therefore something that we at Storisell have specialised in and customising that store within the CMS takes less time with themes compared to custom web shops or more complex CMS solutions. With WooCommerce, it’s easier to switch appearances and customise the designs.

WooCommerce Benefits


WooCommerce comes with a lot of features that a modern web shop might require to function properly, from listing new products to orders to billing. WooCommerce enables users to sell anything, from physical products to digital downloads. Some of the key features are unrestricted customization, built-in-blogging, easily manageable product categories, tags and attributes, product ratings and reviews, product sorting and filtering, and location customisation: currency, language and measurement units. There is also no limit on the number of products you can sell or images you want to use for each product. Learn more about our WordPress Agency services here.

WooCommerce Benefits

Own your store

If you are selling products via a third party they are often subject to that party’s rules and terms. A lot of our clients build their own WooCommerce store in case they ever have an issue with an external reselling platform or as a long term strategy to migrate customers in their own store environment. At the end of the day, you own your WooCommerce store and make the rules. No one else.

WooCommerce Benefits

Many official extensions

There are hundreds of official extensions for WooCommerce, ranging from analytics, payments and shipping, to marketing and accounting. These are official extensions, created and supported by the WooCommerce development team, and countless other third-party extensions. Very much like themes, third-party plugins are either free or paid, and are often sold on markets along with the themes. These extensions, or plugins, make life much easier, as they are usually easily integrated into an existing web shop. You can also customize your own extensions for WooCommerce, our team at Storisell will help you get started.

WordPress Agency Benefits

SEO for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is running on one of the most established CMS platforms in the world, WordPress, which is highly adapted to the latest SEO guidelines provided by Google – which makes search engine optimization of your products easy for your entire team. WooCommerce provides an intuitive interface, where the main product details and any information regarding SEO can be entered and stored. On top of that, there are excellent third-party SEO plugins which can help you optimize every post and page on your website.

WooCommerce Benefits

Analytics & up-selling

Without proper analysis of your long-term efforts, it’s difficult to create a plan to grow and improve your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce therefore has built-in analytics where you can track sales by date, most wanted products, customer information; all of these are viewable in pie charts and understandable graphs. Beyond that, it’s a simple process to activate Google Analytics in WooCommerce, for additional data and deeper analysis to grow your online store. This means that the WooCommerce platform facilitates up-selling and cross-selling, the entire platform being built to simplify these processes. At Storisell, we also help you keep track of these metrics on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you can focus on the key performance indicators that grow your business.


When web development projects have unique requirements you need a partner to guide you throughout the entire journey. Every web development project is different and requires an understanding of different elements. We deliver everything from the design to sprint-based implementation to premium content production. Request an estimate today. Learn more about our WordPress agency services here.

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Co-Founder / CEO