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Storisell produces animated explainer videos to Qmatic


Qmatic produces explainer videos with Storisell

In this article our team at Storisell are showcasing one of the explainer videos we made for Qmatic. Qmatic offers excellent customer and employee experiences, as well as smoother, more efficient operations, every day and everywhere in the world. We appreciate the Qmatic team’s collaboration.

Content Translation & Adaptation

Translate your content into new languages

We provide translation services so that our clients can translate their content into all the market languages they need. The aim is to create local content that feels native for every country. In this video, Sigge Fabiansson talks about how our team works with content translation.

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What are the main advantages?

Animated explainer videos may help businesses, organizations, and individuals reach their target audiences with their ideas and messages. Because of the expansion of digital media and online platforms, explainer videos are becoming more and more popular and effective as a quick and easy way to explain complex products, services, or ideas. These 1-2 minute long videos use voice-over narration, animation, and images to convey a certain message. They are usually used to make a certain subject easier to understand, enjoyable, and memorable. The goal is to inform and captivate the audience so that they will be more likely to act or remember the information conveyed.

Images: Video Qmatic
Video Qmatic

Key points:

  • Complex ideas are easy to communicate
  • Engaging for the viewer and listener
  • Explainer videos are memorable