At Storisell we believe that that carefully selected content can transform your company

Storisell is a content marketing and production company that plans, produces and publishes powerful content for your business. We believe that carefully selected content has the ability to transform the way companies attract new customers, investors, and employees. Request a quote to get started.
Explainer Video

Storisell operates an animation studio that provides motion graphics to our clients and agency partners. Create an animated explainer video or custom motion graphics for your project today.

Content Framework

Through one framework, our customers can continuously order powerful content based on needs within their sales and marketing organisation. Through Storisell’s workshop model, our team brainstorms and maps what content can perform for your company. Based on our suggestions, we tailor a framework from which you can order premium content on-demand. Whether your goal is creating a beautiful explainer video, interview videos, GIFS, website illustrations and icons, or designing clickable ads - Storisell helps you from concept, production, to publishing. Together, we create a powerful content plan, giving your customers content, they love. A carefully crafted story can transform your company.


Carefully selected content has the ability to transform your company

Today, many companies find it difficult to produce the right content for their sales and marketing channels. Time constraints and overhead often get in the way of producing quality content. So, we asked ourselves, how can we make it easier for our clients to produce premium content, on-demand? Welcome to Storisell.
At Storisell, we have developed a workshop model, saving both time and energy by carrying out more than 90% of prerequisite tasks in new projects. This helps us start new projects faster and to minimize overhead. Usually, a workshop runs for three hours. You will, during a fun and engaging workshop, experience the creative process and convey valuable information essential to the creation of your content. Workshops are usually conducted via teleconference or in person. Our team works on a week-by-week basis, where our project managers schedule new projects weekly in order to give our customers the highest possible service, focus, and end-results. We also take care of full usage and ownership rights in terms of audio and voice-over licenses, something that is especially important when it comes to video production to ensure that third-party rights are kept. When your project is delivered, we always include an additional revision round to tweak your project.
Agency Partner Program

Empower your agency with powerful animation on-demand. Expand your agency video services and outsource your animation production to a reliable and trustworthy business partner. At Storisell we have an agency partner program helping our partners focus on animation in order to meet local demand. Together we will create a long-term animation partnership. Overnight, you can start offering premium 2D/3D animation to your clients in your own agency name. Storisell is the long-term agency partner you have been waiting to meet.

Storisell produces company video to Unimi

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Storisell launches explainer video

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