Storisell is an international marketing agency producing your great ideas. Everything is created in-house from explainer videos, films, digital design, web development and our suite of digital products. Premium content can transform your company. Download our price guide to get started.


Our price guide

We’ve made all our prices available in one pdf. Everything from animation, explainer videos, and film production to digital design, photography, web development and our retainers. How can you get ahold of our prices? Just add your details via the form and you’ll automatically receive an email within a few minutes. It’s magic! Well, at lease we think so. If you’d rather write us directly then it’s Welcome to Storisell.

Film / Animation / Design

Oxceed talks about their productions with Storisell

Oxceed has ordered several video productions and design projects from our team at Storisell. In this testimonial video, Martin Ericson at Oxceed talks about their experience working with Storisell and what the content means for a growing SaaS company. We want to thank the team at Oxceed for a good collaboration.


Whisbi talks about their productions with Storisell

Watch the testimonial video where Whisbi describes their experience working with our team at Storisell. Whisbi is a global company that offers an enterprise solution for live-video engagement. The interview is with the company’s Marketing Director, Urska Blagojevic. We want to thank the Whisbi team for a good collaboration.


XR Tech on digital design projects with Storisell

Sebastian Kjersén, Founder and CEO at XR Tech, talks about their digital design projects with our team at Storisell. We have produced several animated explainer videos and digital design deliverables for the virtual reality company. Thanks to the team at XR Tech for a good collaboration.

Animation / Design

Minty Digital talks about their productions with Storisell

In this testimonial video, produced by our in-house film team, Charlie Clark, Founder and CEO at Minty Digital, talks about their productions with Storisell. We want to thank the team at Minty Digital for a good collaboration.


Learn more about what we offer as a marketing agency. All the content we produce is done by our in-house team in order to ensure that our customers get the high, premium quality they deserve.



Here we show select client cases and testimonial videos where our customers talk about their collaborations with Storisell. The aim is to give you inspiration for your marketing.



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