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Storisell delivers video content and website to Awaio

Awaio – The Workplace App

Storisell can here present our video campaign and website deliveries to Awaio

We are happy to present this client case. Awaio is the workplace app that helps companies to promote their offices and support work-life balance. They can share office resources with members in your own branded workplace community. You can invite users as you see fit: employees, coworkers, and others companies. Quickly move from a traditional office to a place where people want to meet, with less waste and circular usage. Collaborate with colleagues and team members and make reservations on your favorite work spot. Find, book and share what you prefer in your community; from rooms, desks to lockers with a complete overview of the availability.

Our design team created the animated explainer videos below for Awaio. The internal Storisell team created every single component of the animation from scratch, including the drawings, illustrations, and designs. The finished product is a business-to-business explainer video about two Awaio solutions: The Workplace App and Awaio Locks.

The Workplace App


Improving understanding with explainer videos

One of the numerous benefits of animated explainer videos is their ability to simplify and make more understandable complex ideas. Using visuals and animation, explainer videos can simplify complicated topics and make them simpler for the viewer to comprehend. This can be especially useful for businesses that are launching a new product or service and need to explain its characteristics and advantages to potential clients. Learn more

Making what you offer memorable

Because of the expansion of digital media and online platforms, explainer videos are becoming more and more popular and effective as a quick and easy way to explain complex products, services, or ideas. These 1-2 minute long videos use voice-over narration, animation, and images to convey a certain message. They are usually used to make a certain subject easier to understand, enjoyable, and memorable. The goal is to inform and captivate the audience so that they will be more likely to act or remember the information conveyed. Learn more