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Using explainer videos to educate your customers

Explainer Video Benefits


Difficult concepts become more approachable and intelligible with explainer videos

The explainer video benefits are many, and making difficult concepts or solutions more approachable and intelligible is one of the main advantages of animated explainer videos. Explainer videos can clarify complex subjects and make them easier for the audience to understand by using graphics and animation. This can be especially helpful for companies that are introducing a new product or service and need to inform potential customers about its features and benefits.

What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is a short one-to-two minute explanatory video that explains a concept or offer. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can effectively communicate their ideas and messages to their target audiences by using animated explainer videos. Explainer videos have grown in popularity and effectiveness as a result of the growth of digital media and online platforms as a quick and efficient way to explain complicated goods, services, or ideas. These 1-2 minute long videos employ animation, visuals, and voice-over narration to spread the particular message. They are frequently employed to clarify a certain subject in a way that is simple to comprehend, enjoyable, and memorable. The objective is to inform and interest the audience in such a way that they are more inclined to act or retain the information delivered.

Here’s an animated explainer video that our team at Storisell created for the fin-tech company Enfuce.

Understanding the brand offering

The explainer video benefits are many. The understanding of what a brand offers can quickly become boosted using animated explainer videos. They can aid companies in developing a presence and voice that appeal to their intended audience. Additionally, companies can stand out from rivals and differentiate their brand by using inventive illustrations and animation.  Engaging the viewer is another advantage of animated explainer videos.

Viewers’ interest

Animated explainer videos keep viewers’ interest and hold their attention by incorporating illustrations, animation, voice-over recordings and sound effects. In a world where people are continuously inundated with information and advertisements and where the average attention span is shortening, this is especially crucial and effective for marketing communications.

Costs less than TV advertising

Animated explainer videos are not only engaging and instructional, but also economical. Animated explainer videos may reach a wide audience for a low cost and are reasonably affordable to make when compared to traditional marketing techniques like TV advertising and print ads. They are versatile and affordable marketing tools since they can be readily updated and repurposed.

Here’s another animated explainer video that our team at Storisell created for Medpeople.

Requires careful planning

It’s critical to keep a few essential components in mind when making an animated explainer video. First and foremost, the video needs to be succinct and clear with a straightforward message. Additionally, it must have captivating visuals, imaginative animation, and graphics that support the message.

Visuals and voice-over are important to convey the message

An animated explainer video’s success depends on both the visual components and the voice-over narration. With a tone of voice suitable for the intended audience, the narrative should be interesting and clear. To ensure that the message is conveyed in a natural and seamless manner, the voice-over should also be precisely timed and synced with the animation.

Writing a good script

An explainer video benefits for a well-planned beginning, middle, and end should be present in the video’s overall framework and manuscript. By doing so, you can maintain the interest of your audience and make sure your message gets over clearly. This is more important than ever before to capture and keep attention.

Start your explainer video production with our team

At Storisell we recommend animated explainer videos as a potent tool for businesses, organizations, and people to effectively and concisely communicate their ideas and messages. Animated explainer videos can be used to present information in an engaging and memorable way by combining creative illustrations, animation, and sound. They can help to clarify what your company does in this face-paced world. Learn more about our explainer video productions here.

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