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Adopting video marketing for your business

Video Marketing Benefits

There are numerous advantages of adopting video marketing strategies to improve your marketing communications. In order to market and advertise a good, service, or brand, video marketing presents many opportunities for your marketing communications. This kind of marketing can be used to inform, amuse, and engage a target audience and is accessible through a number of platforms, including social media, websites, email, and advertising networks. A variety of formats for video marketing exist, including explainer videos, live-action videos, and customer testimonials. An increasingly significant component of a holistic marketing plan is video marketing, which aims to raise brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.


In this article we will be sharing some of the video production that our team at Storisell have produced over the years. We hope this will both be informative and give you inspiration when you tackle the decision of what type of content you’ll be producing for your business.

CASE: In this case, we will start by showcasing a video our team at Storisell produce for Ensure KS. This video is in the explainer video category of video marketing and aims at educating the buyer about the company’s history.

Point-by-point benefits of video marketing

So, if we summarise, what are the main benefits of adopting video marketing into your marketing communications? Here are some of the benefits summarised for your convenience:

  1. Enhanced deep bond and engagement with the target audience using video.
  2. More effective search engine optimization (SEO) since users stay longer on the site.
  3. Improved ability to communicate complicated concepts and stories in your offer requires it.
  4. Increased conversion rates and return on the marketing budget compared to text only materials.
  5. Greater credibility and brand recognition over time due to your messaging. This requires you produce content that resonates with your audience.
  6. Improved social media and other online platform accessibility and reach. A video travels faster than many comparable content items.
  7. The receiver can enjoy greater information retention compared to reading text only.

Businesses of all sizes now include video marketing as a standard component of their marketing arsenal. This is so that firms may accomplish their marketing objectives thanks to the numerous advantages of video marketing. In this post, we’ll go through the advantages of video marketing in more detail and explain why your company should give it some thought. Our team at Storisell have helped many clients adopt video marketing into their business and the results start showing quickly.

Storytelling and video marketing

Video is a very potent storytelling tool, and businesses frequently utilize it to highlight the characteristics and advantages of their goods and services. This results in better storytelling and the ability to communicate complex ideas. Videos can assist in demystifying complex concepts and making them more approachable for the intended audience. This facilitates consumers’ understanding of the good or service and the benefit it offers.

CASE: Here we have an example of what we just read through. In this explainer video, produced for s21sec, our team at Storisell focused on storytelling as a tool to present the advantages. The use of storytelling or “framing” can help communicate complex ideas and provide a lot of clarity.

Leads to emotional connections

One of the main advantages of video marketing is its capacity to engage and emotionally connect with the target audience in a manner that written material can’t equal. Videos are more dynamic and interactive than text, and they give advertisers the opportunity to tell stories, evoke emotions, and highlight the advantages of their goods or services. Videos also have a tendency to be more memorable than text, which makes it simpler for customers to remember your brand and the point you’re trying to make.

SEO Benefits

The impact that video marketing can have on your search engine optimization is yet another benefit (SEO). Because they are regarded as more interesting and pertinent to visitors, websites with video content are favored by Google and other search engines. Additionally shareable videos can assist increase visitors to your website and improve SEO rankings.

Brand awareness increases

Brand awareness and trustworthiness are increased as a result of video marketing, which is a successful strategy. Videos can be used by a business to highlight its goods, services, and values, helping customers to better comprehend what the brand stands for. Additionally, through the use of videos, businesses may position themselves as thought leaders in their fields, enhancing their credibility and reputation.

Conversion benefits

Video marketing has been demonstrated to increase conversion rates and enhance ROI since it helps companies establish trust with their target market. Increased sales and a stronger return on investment may result from this (ROI). Additionally, videos can be utilized to inform customers about the good or service, which can lower the number of objections and enhance the chance of a sale.

CASE: In this video we explain a bit more about testimonial videos and how you can go about producing them for your business.

Information retention

Due to the usage of video content, information is retained better than when reading only text. When compared to text-only content, video content is much more engaging and can aid in improving information retention. Information delivered in a video is more likely to be remembered by viewers than information presented in writing. This makes video marketing a useful tool for companies trying to inform their target demographic and increase brand recognition.

Online reach

Due to video marketing, there is a greater reach and accessibility on social media and other online platforms: Videos are very easy to share and can aid firms in expanding their customer base. Businesses may more easily reach their target audience thanks to the high optimization of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for video content. Videos may also be mobile-device adapted to increase its usability for consumers who are constantly on the move.

Businesses can reach their marketing objectives by using video marketing, which has a number of advantages. Video marketing can assist companies in connecting with their target audience on an emotional level and increasing engagement, in addition to enhancing search engine optimization (SEO). Video marketing is a useful tool that’s worth taking into consideration for your company, whether you’re trying to promote your brand, boost sales, or inform your target market. Talk to our team at Storisell to learn more about how to start adopting video marketing tactics into your business.

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