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Explainer videos based on awareness levels

Explainer videos based on awareness levels

Eugene  Schwartz popularised the five different awareness levels in his book Breakthrough Marketing. This method has been adopted by seasoned marketers to drive sales by focusing on improving the awareness of prospects in the funnel. In this brief article, we describe how our clients at Storisell have created explainer videos based on each of the awareness levels. This will help with ideas ahead of your next video marketing campaign.

Here are the awareness levels:

  1. Unaware – the prospect is not aware of any need or desire you are offering.
  2. Problem Awareness – the prospect knows they have a need or desire, but they aren’t aware of a suitable solution for them.
  3. Solution Awareness – the prospect is aware that solutions exist but aren’t aware of your specific offer.
  4. Offer Awareness – the prospect is aware of your offer, but they’re not sure if it’s for them.
  5. Full Awareness – the prospect is aware that you offer a good solution to their needs or desire, they just need to know the price and terms so they can make a decision whether to buy or not.

According to this model, the aim is to gradually increase the awareness level of prospects and help as many as possible to reach the end of the funnel. Every awareness level tends to need customised content in order to be relevant to that prospect’s current level of awareness. This is where awareness segmentation plays an important role in the way we produce content for our clients.

We’ve found that normally, and without a lot of extra work, we can extend the amount of content that can be produced in one production by tailoring the manuscript to every awareness level rather than creating one campaign that aims at solving all your prospect’s awareness needs. Let us break it down for you. Here’s the awareness levels again with content that our team at Storisell has produced.

1. Unaware

Remember that in the unaware stage the prospect is currently unaware of what you are offering. This means that they need to be convinced that this has any priority for them. We are hardwired to look for threats and solutions. Focusing on making potential problems very clear, and their solutions even more so, is essential in this stage.

When this explainer video was produced, Prime Penguin was just launching their innovative solution that communicates to many first-time viewers who at the time were unaware of Prime Penguin and their solution.

2. Problem awareness

In the problem awareness stage the prospect knows they have a specific need or desire, but still they need to become aware of the suitable solutions on the marketplace. Solution selling is a good method to help prospects that currently are in this awareness stage and beyond. Focusing on the solutions of your offering is essential in this phase and the content that we produce needs to be slightly adapted to reach these prospects. You should also focus on communicating as many identifiable pain points as possible in your content.

When Storisell produced this explainer video, Kreditz were just launching their solution which targeted an audience very much aware about credit problems when purchasing online but prospects did not necessarily know about the smart solutions Kreditz provided.

3.  Solution awareness

When it comes to the solution awareness phase the prospect is aware that solutions exist but aren’t aware of your specific offer. Here’s when we get more direct and position your offer as something very tangible. Focus on explaining the offer, features and benefits, and be very specific with the prospect.

When Storisell produced the explainer video campaign for Hager their prospects were aware that solutions exist but needed to be educated about Hagers specific offer.

4. Offer awareness

In the offer awareness phase the prospect is aware of your offer, but they’re not sure if it’s for them. This means you have to make sure you’re top-of-mind. Retargeting and ads play a large role here, but you should also explain your offer so that prospects have exactly the type of message they need to take the leap.

When Storisell produced these explainer videos for ActiWay the goal was to help prospects understand their service and break down how it works.

5. Full awareness

When a prospect is in the full awareness phase they are aware that you offer a good solution to their needs or desires. However, they don’t yet know the price and terms that are crucial to making a decision whether to buy or not. At Storisell we recommend creating an assumptive message so that the content displays how easy it is to get started or how the end-result will look like in order to attract these prospects to reach the finish-line. Creating short explainer segments that showcase a prototype or end-product is a great way to finish the awareness funnel.

When Storisell España produced this video campaign for Ikohs the aim was to explain how the product works and help create the trust that prospects need to take that last crucial buying step. These videos were produced in eight languages and published as content on the client’s product pages.

The benefit of working with content marketing and helping so many clients tackle these questions is that our team at Storisell is seasoned in creating content for all the awareness levels. We normally see a great opportunity for many of our clients to produce one main explainer video and then to create segmented shorter videos that support each awareness level. In short, Storisell is an international marketing agency focusing on animation, explainer videos, corporate film, digital design, ecommerce photography, web development and marketing strategy. You can get our prices here.


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