Wehype Animated Explainer Video by Storisell. Wehype was founded in 2016 with the purpose of connecting brands and gamers. It’s already been featured by Sting and SUP46 in Stockholm. Wehype is an influencer marketplace connecting brands to relevant gaming influencers. They help brands promote their products or services through live video content created by influencers the audience actually trust. Bridging the gap between the gaming community and the rest of the world. In this production, we focus on several gaming aspects. To many, it might seem surprising that more people watch gaming videos than HBO, Netflix, and ESPN, combined. That’s one of the challenges we faced in the pre-production. How do we effectively communicate this fact to a marketing executive or CEO? And, what selling-points will get through to them? We decided to use storytelling examples, such as comparing traditional sporting fans at a football game with a number of people watching gamers play online. In order to really get our point across, we also incorporated a question into the manuscript: “So, we asked ourselves: How can you, as a marketeer, create highly engaging marketing campaigns on their terms?”. This question makes the aim of the video more clear and its goal is to directly provoke the target audience ie. marketing executive or CEO. In the end, our team at Storisell has produced a video campaign that will run through ad campaigns and on social media with tailored graphics based on the customer's visual identity. https://storisell.com/portfolio/wehype/