Explainer Video

Storisell delivers an explainer video campaign to Greenpipe

Storisell delivers an explainer video campaign to Greenpipe and their construction product SnapSplitPipes. A product which is revolutionizing modern construction projects. SnapSplitPipes is a reliable cable protection system made from recycled plastics that sustainably protect its content to one-hundred percent. Due to the design, the pipes are reliable and will hold together at all times. The product is being sold through vendors which primarily makes the message focus on third-party benefits.

In this production, we used 2D animation in order efficiently communicate all the product benefits. In a workshop together with the client in Växjö, we crafted a concept for the production. The project was delivered with translations and voice-overs in English, French, and German. Everything was designed from Greenpipes graphic profile including colors and fonts.

Client: Greenpipe
Project Manager: William Sehlin, +46733 1441 26,
Production Lead: Ossian Veronese, +46709 62 1998,