Military Work

International Explainer Video Campaign

Customer: Military Work i Sverige AB
Project Manager: William Sehlin, +46733 1441 26,
Production Manager: Ossian Veronese, +467309 62 1992,

Storisell proudly delivers an international video campaign to Military Work. Military Work is a staffing and recruitment company that helps companies and organizations to recruit people with a military background for shorter or longer-term commitments. In this production, our team focused on delivering a concept relative to the industry background, being military competence. The tonality and graphics are carefully crafted to attract people with an understanding of military symbols. We started the project with a workshop in Stockholm. Here we discussed the concept, project goals, and targets. Based on this we together worked a manuscript into existence. The manuscript was translated into three languages; Swedish, Finnish and English. Here we instructed the voice-over artists to use a concise and direct tonality in order to embrace the military pronunciations. We used a segmented manuscript targeting two groups; candidates and clients. By changing the introduction and phrases in the manuscripts we can design a video campaign that speaks to two individual groups, but with a shared message. Visually, everything is designed from pen-and-paper and animated from scratch according to Military Works graphic profile and preferences. And, with great feedback from the customer throughout the project. The video campaign will be used in a variety of online channels putting emphasis on Military Works ability to provide personnel and services with the right attitude.


Style Frames

At Storisell, we think it’s important that each video production resembles the customer’s graphic profile. This includes working in detail with the customer’s colors, symbols, and brand guidelines. That’s why we create style frames before each production. These style frames provide a pre-illustration that shows how the video will look before our team starts producing. This gives the customer a good opportunity to revise and change the style of the video beforehand.
Military Work Styleframes by Storisell 02
Military Work Styleframes by Storisell 03
Military Work Styleframes by Storisell 01
Military Work Styleframes by Storisell 02