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3 Things Marketers Must Know About Video Production

3 Things Marketers Must Know About Video Production

Regardless if you have ordered hundreds of videos or if you’re just starting of. Learning and relearning the basics about video production can benefit a lot. At Storisell we produce corporate videos that are ordered from both new and experienced marketers. For us it’s important to be transparent in order to give you, the purchaser, the maximum value on your budget. That’s why we have put together a list of three things that we think every marketer should know about video production.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a visual depiction that pre-conceptualizes how your video will look like. Often storyboards come hand-sketched or written. But you’re sometimes going to meet production teams that present their storyboard using graphics style frames. These style frames should show the general direction that your video will have. Usually it’s more time consuming producing style frames, but it’s also a good sign that you’ve found a good video production company.

What is a revision round?

A revision round consists of post-production correction that are made to your video. A revisions round are the accumulated correction requests that will be applied to a project. The reason why revision are categorized into “rounds” is usually in order to help the production team schedule how long each revision round will take and how to deploy internal resources in order to deliver the project as soon as possible. Often one revision round is included per project, and, any additional round have either an hourly or fixed revision rate. It’s important to consider the production company’s service-level, since, better service earlier in the project can often minimize the risk of extensive revision fees.

What are ownership rights and how does ownership rights work?

The video production company often holds ownership over raw production files in order to protect itself against competitors. That means, they don’t want a competitor to be able to access the raw files they have worked so hard to build. Therefore, you will find that most producers offer ownership buyout options. These are usually incorporated into your quotation or contact and allow you, the customer, to buy the raw files. These buyout rates vary depending on the project type and size. As a buyer, also make sure to check that the proper music licences have been applied and that you don’t risk violating third-party ownership and usage rights.

About Storisell

Storisell was founded with the goal of offering our customers powerful content. We believe that carefully selected content has the ability to transform the way companies attract new customers, investors and employees. By understanding how 60% of people have a visual learning style, our work is about helping people understand the products and services they consume. We process images 60,000 times faster than plain text and over 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. You are one meeting away from content that can transform your company. Book a meeting with our team to get started.

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William Sehlin
Co-founder / Account Executive
+46733 1441 26