Storisell delivers recruitment video to Closers AB

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Storisell delivers recruitment video to Closers AB

Storisell delivers a recruitment video campaign to one of Stockholm’s best headhunting and recruitment agencies, Closers AB. The project includes two productions aimed at two crucial audiences; clients and candidates. By focusing on two productions, we have managed to cover two important channels for Closers AB; corporate clients and candidates. The first production focused on general issues that companies and their HR and sales organizations encountered in the recruitment process. This video explains the importance of an effective and proven headhunting model that gives real results on the candidate market. The second production was aimed at candidates and the video focuses on how ”liberating” it can be to have a deeper relationship with a headhunting and recruitment company such as Closers. Throughout the workshop model, the team at Storisell involved the team at Closers in the creative process that has been a big help to develop the script and storyboard production.

Watch the recruitment video here. (link:

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