Storisell produces explainer video to Prime Penguin

Storisell produces an explainer video to Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin Explainer Video

Prime Penguin and Storisell’s cooperation has been going on for some time. Our team at Storisell has produced Prime Penguin’s logotype, web graphics to their website and now also an animated explainer video for the company. In this production, we focused on communicating an overall picture of the company. The customer has been helpful throughout the entire process from manuscript development and conceptualization to the final proofing. Everything is developed from Prime Penguin’s graphic profile.

Customer: Prime Penguin AB
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Project Manager:
William Sehlin, +46733 1441 26,
Production Lead: Ossian Veronese, +46709 62 1998,

Prime Penguin Explainer Video

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