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Storisell behind the scenes in upcoming product launch

Watch Storisell produce a Studio Interview Video campaign in Gothenburg

Our team has produced a series of studio videos in order to showcase our upcoming product launch of “Studio Interview Video” (SIV). The production took place in Gothenburg (Sweden) and the official launch is 1 March 2017. The new style of video is meant for organizations with 20+ employees who want a quick and volume-based method of producing videos on-demand. Together with a framework agreement Storisell will enable our customers to order Studio Interview Video campaigns with volume-rates that become more affordable the bigger the order gets.

It’s currently (15/1-2017) possible to pre-book your SIV-campaign. Pre-book your campaign (here). Our goal is that this product becomes a flexible video alternative that helps our customers create lots of content.

We are currently searching for production studios in order to enable high-quality productions. This means finding great studio partners who can assist Storisell in the production process. Want to send your studio presentation? Email:

Studio Interview Video Production by Storisell

Watch Storisell produce a Studio Interview Video campaign in Gothenburg

Information on Studio Interview Video campaigns:

INFO: Get your employees, customers or partners in front of a camera in a professional studio and create authentic content for your website, sales channels and newsletters. We can produce up to ten studio interview videos per production day. This gives your company ten professional videos you can use across your marketing channels in order to create an authentic image that converts. In the scenario you need to spend more days in the studio we apply affordable volume-rates. Giving you even more video content on your budget. We make it easy for your marketing department to order studio interview video from a one-stop framework agreement.

Our process:

  1. Workshop: our team coordinates and selects a project team consisting of creatives that craft the pre-production including storyboard, manuscripts, voiceover, graphic production, audio and special effects. In our workshop will conducts over 90% of preparatory work by mapping and selecting pre-production activities. This workshop model is an agile approach to the creative process.
  2. Storyboard & Manuscript: our project team delivers the pre-production documents including storyboard, manuscript and selected activities that will be included in the production. For studio interviews we will send out a studio interview manual giving you, the customer, insight of how to get the most out of your time in the studio.
  3. Studio: Arrive 15 minutes before starting the shoot in order for our team to efficiently brief and help all participants with eventual questions they might have regarding the production. We will create a relaxing atmosphere where you and your team will be guided step-by-step through the production. Service is at the very top of our list of priorities.
  4. Post-production: normal delivery time is fifteen (15) business days from the last day in the studio. Our team will color grade, select background music, and create an animated outro. Each production comes with one feedback round where we listen to your input and make adjustments to the video campaign. This gives you control over the final product and is an agile approach to the creative process.

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Get a quote from our team at Storisell and start planning your next studio interview video campaign. A Project Manager will review your project within 1-2 business days and return with a proposal. At Storisell make it easy for you to work with video. Start a new project