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How to order great video campaigns | Purchasing video

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How to order great video campaigns

A three-step guide to purchasing video content

How can someone who has little experience purchasing video become a pro at selecting and ordering the right content? Ordering great video campaigns is rarely about knowing all about the right equipment, establishing a large team of producers, writing the perfect manuscript and coordinating an array of post-production capacities – even though these are all good to know – the right purpose, story and communication channel often impacts the bottom-line more as a buyer. In this article we give you – the reader – three tools you can use to successfully order your next video campaign. If you currently have little experience purchasing video, try using these points the next time you acquire video.

  1. Develop a powerful purpose
  2. Select the right story
  3. Choose the right communication channel
How to order great video campaigns | A three-step guide to purchasing video content

How to order great video campaigns | A three-step guide to purchasing video content

Develop a powerful purpose

Get the purpose right. What does this mean? It means understanding the overall bottom-line aim of your video campaign. The following are usually good reasons:

Your team wants to…

– EDUCATE. “We want to educate our customers with video because our product features tend to be misunderstood.”
– CONVERT. “We want an efficient explainer video strategy on the front page of our website in order to convert traffic into leads.”
– CHANGE. “We want to help our employees, customers and suppliers to understand ongoing changes in the way we work.”
– RECRUIT. “We want to use video in order to recruit more (and better) candidates via social media and job posts.”
– EMPOWER. “We want to empower our sales partner program with great content in order to boost sales execution and product knowledge.”

Obviously there are several other areas of application, and your specific purpose can stretch well beyond these objectives. However, try using these or similar points before you order your next video campaign. This gives the video production company an impression that you understand your investment. This also helps them return with an ample quote that has purpose-based value. Giving you a better deal. It also makes your expectations about the video campaign reflect the incarnate reality and budget.


Select the right story

When you’ve chosen a purpose, the next step is selecting the type of story that best executes your intention. Try adopting a customer-centric perspective. Put yourself in the customer’s vantage-point, enabling you to distinguish how they will experience the story. Will the video have the right sought after effects? Will they understand the storyline? Can the story be misunderstood? Can information overload be avoided? Once you have chosen a story. Write it down. Make notes. Sometimes – even though you haven’t found the right story – a note or doodle can be a building-block to that great idea you’re looking for at the end of the day.

So, where are we?

  1. First, develop a strong purpose.
  2. Then, select the right story.

What’s next?


Choose the right communication channel

Fortunately there are several cost-effective communication channels that have materialized over the past twenty years. The internet has enabled people to better communicate – and fast. As infrastructure in many countries develop and high-speed broadbands becomes more common, video has (and will) become a key strategy for many of the large social media players such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – not to mention YouTube the godfather of social video. What does this mean for your business? It means video will grow fast, and new communication channels will appear with great features for video. The sooner your company adopts video, the better.

Try selecting a communication channel based on how the target interacts with the video. To be specific: How will the customer be subjected to the video? A three-second YouTube preview? Instagram feed? Facebook video player? Direct marketing with sales reps? Website? App? Make sure each channel gives your video campaign a platform for success.

Recap before you order your next video campaign:

  1. Develop a powerful purpose
  2. Select the right story
  3. Choose the right communication channel

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