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FinTech explainer videos for your company

Produce premium fintech explainer videos for your company. Our in-house team at Storisell delivers custom explainer videos to our clients within the fintech sector in several countries. To get started, request our prices via the form – a price list will be sent to your email within a few minutes. You can also email us directly at


Storisell produces fintech explainer videos to Enfuce

Storisell is proud to collaborate with Enfuce, one of our many fintech clients. Together with the team at Enfuce, we produced fintech explainer videos highlighting their financial services. Everything is designed from scratch using the client’s brand book as a reference. Explainer videos like this one, tailored to your industry, brand and services, will help the clients connect with you.
We want to thank the team at Enfuce for the excellent collaboration in all the different productions we do together.


Storisell produces fintech explainer videos to Verse

Storisell delivers has delivered fintech explainer videos to Verse. Verse allows it’s users to request and send money to their friends through text messages. All the visuals in the fintech explainer videos are produced based on the customer’s brand book and hand-drawn internally by Storisell’s team. We want to thank Verse for another great collaboration and project together.


Storisell delivers explainer videos to Connectel

Here we present our animated explainer video campaign for Connectel. In this production, our in-house team of motion designers produced the entire video from concept, storyboarding, illustrations, animation and final proofing. Everything is designed using the colors and guidelines in the client’s brand book. Connectel is a cloud based customer service system helping their users create seamless customer experiences. We want to thank the team at Connectel for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces fintech explainer videos to Wagestream

Storisell proudly delivers explainer videos to Wagestream. Storisell was responsible for the entire production from concept development in the workshop to proofing graphics with cooperation with the client. We thank Wagestream for several great projects together.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Filestar

Storisell can proudly present our explainer video for Filestar. Filestar is a file management software that lets you do anything to any file. Storisell has produced the concept, script, voice recording, animation and proofing. Everything is designed from scratch based on the client’s brand book. We thank the Filestar team for a good collaboration.


Storisell produces explainer videos to Ensure

In this case we present our explainer video production for Ensure. Everything in the video production is designed from the ground up by Storisell’s in-house team. We want to thank the team at Ensure for a good collaboration.

Animation / Film / Design / Web

XR Tech talks about their productions with Storisell

Storisell can in this client case proudly present an explainer video for XR Tech. XR Tech is a game-tech startup that’s offering a location 
based VR experience, available for everyone. Everything this explainer video is designed from scratch by our in-house team.

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Content Translation & Adaptation

Translate your content into new languages

We provide translation services that helps you translate your fintech explainer videos into all the market languages you need. The aim is to create local content that feels native for every country. Normally, many fintech companies offer their services on several markets and need a good partner to translate their content, that’s what our team at Storisell does.

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Great first impressions unlocks opportunities

Ask yourself, how important is your company’s first impression? What kind of business opportunities will a great first impression unlock? And, if the company has a bad first impression, what are the lost opportunities? The production quality in the video can easily be felt. It’s the professional audio, premium animation, and imagery that your target audience feels, even your own team, and by the end of the day, yourself. If video is going to be your first impression, invest in it properly.

Reusability of designs in your marketing

All our customers who have produced at least one animated explainer video have access to unique designs created exclusively for their company. This design can be reused in other parts of your marketing such as the website, social media, document design, infographic, ebooks and other great ideas you have. Regardless of the type of design you want to produce, the raw files from our production lay the foundation for working long term with design for your company. Tell us about your marketing ideas to get started.

Premium explainers reflect your brand

When you picture your company, don’t you want it to be presented in a professional way that will help you achieve the aims you’ve set for yourself? A high-quality video can quickly be spotted and separated from the less well- produced ones. One great video could change the entire way your company is perceived by the world.

Techtech Explainer videos


William Sehlin

Co-Founder / CEO

Here we describe the most frequently asked questions about producing explainer videos. If you don’t find your question in the FAQ make sure to send me an email at

Best regards,
William Sehlin
Co-Founder / CEO

How long should an explainer video be?

We recommend our client to create explainer videos that are within 90 seconds. That’s doesn’t mean that an explainer video can’t be longer, but generally the attention span of viewers tends waiver beyond two minutes. There are exception through. If you’re creating system explainers, used to showcase a system, software or application – typically for onboarding, the videos can generally be longer. For system explainers, our recommendation is up to two minutes. We recommend instead creating several shorter videos where you break down you message into more receptive bite-size pieces. That’s why we offer shorter “segmented films” based on an already produced explainer video that can highlight a portion of your main video. We also produce a solution called “segmented manuscript” where you can segment your manuscript based on three different client personas, target markets or receivers in a shorter format. Talk to us and we’ll explain more about segmenting your explainer video into several shorter videos.

How can we use explainer videos in different awareness levels?

According to this model, the aim is to gradually increase the awareness level of prospects and help as many as possible to reach the end of the funnel. Every awareness level tends to need customised content in order to be relevant to that prospect’s current level of awareness. This is where awareness segmentation plays an important role in the way we produce content for our clients. We’ve found that normally, and without a lot of extra work, we can extend the amount of content that can be produced in one production by tailoring the manuscript to every awareness level rather than creating one campaign that aims at solving all your prospect’s awareness needs. Here’s an article on this topic that we wrote:

Can I reuse the custom designs from the explainer video?

The designs in your video production are hand drawn and illustrated from scratch which means you’ll be able to reuse these designs in your marketing materials. That’s why we give our clients access to our Icon Sheet. The Icon Sheet is a collection of all the designs we have created during your production so that you can reuse them in sales presentations, landing pages, and content you need for sales and marketing. Let us know if you need customized graphics and we will design them from scratch. You will be given more information about the Icon Sheet during your production.

What can I expect from the production process?

The explainer video productions we deliver are premium ie. you get a professional motion designer allocated to your project that produces a premium explainer video from paper and pen to final render, together with full user rights to the music and audio licenses. We start all projects with a workshop where we together for 2-3 hours write a script, produce a storyboard, select the voice actor, and decide the general concept for the production. We usually conduct the workshop via video calls. A revision round is always included upon delivery so that you have the opportunity to return with comments and correct them free of charge. When your deliverables are produced, we give you the opportunity to reuse the graphics that have been uniquely designed for the videos so that you can reuse the content on the website, social media, sales presentations, and other great ideas that you have. Want to translate the films into more languages? Then we provide a fixed rate per extra language and video.