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Whisbi talks about their productions with Storisell

Testimonial Video

Whisbi talks about their productions with Storisell

Watch our testimonial film where Whisbi describes their experience working with our team at Storisell. Whisbi is a global company that offers an enterprise solution for live-video engagement. In this interview we sit down with Marketing Director, Urska Blagojevic, to listen to her thoughts.

“I would definitely recommend everybody to work with Storisell if they need any type of video production.  I think Storisell did a great job and you understood really quickly what Whisbi does, what we are about, and what we want to show to our prospects. We are using the video in our LinkedIn campaigns, as ads, and also we have it on our website. I really liked the process, from the first storyboard, to the final product the process was very clear, quick and professional. And, everyone loves the videos.” Urska Blagojevic, Marketing Director Whisbi
Whisbi Testimonial

Whisbi explainer video

Whisbi Testimonial

Whisbi Sales Explainer Video

Prices at Storisell

What does premium explainer video production cost? Learn what you need to consider when budgeting for premium videos for your company. In this document we share advice that you can use directly in your marketing. Download our prices via the form.