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Storisell and Rent a Chef launches partnership

Storisell and Rent a Chef launches partnership

It’s with pride that we announce a new partnership between Storisell and Rent a Chef. Rent a Chef and founder Gunnar Frykfors have previously participated in professional cooking videos produced by Storisell. Together the new aim is to offer our customers a complete video package in order to market products and services in association with the cooking industry. This means that Storisell can execute a wider range of cooking videos with highly skilled expertise towards the hospitality industry. Learn more about our cooking videos

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About Rent A Chef

Rent a Chef rents out professional chefs to individuals and companies for various kinds of cooking events. The company has cooking studios in central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö where they offer everything from cooking classes, catering and children’s parties to press screenings, conferences and tastings. Read more | Search their cooking classes