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Watch Storisell behind the scenes in Gothenburg

Watch Storisell behind the scenes in Gothenburg, Sweden with Philips

STORISELL BEHIND THE SCENES. In November 2016 our team produced a video campaign together with Philips in Gothenburg, Sweden. The video production focused on AirFryer – a portable oven. The video production included five recipes in four languages; Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish – all which also are countries the campaign will run. Our team conducted everything from storyboard creation to selecting production studio, recruiting a cook, post-production and special effects. The production included five cooking videos in total that are adjusted for Facebook Marketing, therefore the square-shaped videos. Watch the videos in our portfolio:


William Sehlin
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Final video production:

Note: Finnish translation

kundcase-storisell-behind-the-scenes-explainer-video-company-produktionsbolag-go%cc%88teborg-malmo%cc%88-stockholm-fo%cc%88retagsfilm-matlagningsvideos Matlagningsvideos från Storisell AB. Producerat i Göteborg. Läs mer på