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Ossian Veronese Digital Talent 2016 at Talent Excellence Summit & Awards

Ossian Veronese, co-founder at Storisell, was prized as Digital Talent 2016 at Talent Excellence Summit & Awards 2016 hosted by Universum and Evry 28/9-2016 in Stockholm. Ossian who pitched his digital community immigration idea was officially announced Digital Talent 2016 at the prestigious event. Talent Excellence Summit & Awards is this autumn’s major employer branding event. The theme for the 2016 event is the Employment Experience ie. “How to strategically work with employer branding”. During the event Ossian had the opportunity to listen to interesting case studies, experts from the employer branding field, and get the opportunity to discuss challenges related to the digital talent market.

Ossian Veronese was one of three digital talents nominated for the Digital Talent Award.

About Ossian Veronese Digital Talent 2016

Ossian Veronese is co-founder at Storisell. He is also recognized as one of Sweden’s top digital talents. In august 2016, Ossian Veronese was crowned Digital Talent 2016 by Evry and Universum at Talent Excellence Summit & Awards hosted in Stockholm. An accomplishment among many others, such as Adobe Creative Jam winner 2014, on the List of Top 100 Newcomers 2016 by Shortcut, and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs alumni. Ossian Veronese has a remarkable talent when it comes to understanding conceptual design, the digital process and visual storytelling.

In 2014, Ossian Veronese attended The School of Art and Design at Middlesex University in London. With new inspiration, he decided to take his talents back to Sweden and Kalmar where he started working as a Digital Art Director. Not shabby, being his first employment out of college. During the summer 2016 he was invited by the European Commission to attend Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs for a two month mentorship with virtual-reality company, Matsuko – based in France and Slovakia. Ossian gives a fresh take on digital storytelling and makes sure to bring a proactive hands-on impact on new projects. Make sure your company gets Ossians skills in your next digital project before (well, let’s be honest) your competition does. Learn more at

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