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Welcome to Storisell. At Storisell, we create premium explainer videos. Perfect for your company website, sales meetings and social media adverts. Start by asking for a quote.
Present your company in 60 seconds with an explainer video

Present your company in 60 seconds with an explainer video from Storisell. Perfect for your company website, sales meetings, and social media marketing. Explainer videos are great for business. If you need to explain a concept, service, or product, chances are that an explainer video will help you get your ideas across. The world is today more hectic than ever. Sales and marketing organizations need tools that allow them to explain complex ideas in an easy and digestible way. At Storisell we believe that carefully crafted explainer videos have the potential to transform your company.

Case: Northfork

Storisell delivers an animated explainer video to Northfork. The market leader in recipes as a sales tool – a startup changing the way grocery retailers sell groceries with recipes.

Case: Tegnér & Son

Storisell proudly delivers a video campaign to Tegnér & Son. Tegnér and Son was founded in 1880 by Esaias Tegnér, and by 1900 the Tegnér family was the biggest producer and importer of spirits and wine in Sweden. This video production focused two business functions (a) production and (b) agency.

Case: Kreditz

Storisell proudly delivers an explainer video to person-to-person startup, Kreditz. In this production, our team focused on using everyday examples in order to illustrate how the service is used. The explainer video was intended as a tool in order to launch Kreditz in April 2018.

Case: Zaplox

Storisell proudly delivers a premium explainer video to Zaplox. A Swedish company with offices in the U.S that focuses on mobile key technology that is revolutionizing the mobile check-in and check-out process at hotels. Our explainer video uses storytelling in order to explain how the hotel industry is changing from traditional services to contemporary mobile key services via smartphones.

Case: Cooper Mills Lawyers

Storisell delivers an animated explainer video to Cooper Mills Lawyers. An award-winning Australian law firm based in Melbourne.

Choose a supplier with a proven process

Through an internally developed workshop model, we save both time and energy by carrying out more than 90% of prerequisites in new projects. This helps us start faster and to minimize overhead. Usually a workshop runs for three hours. You will - during a fun and engaging workshop - experience the creative process and convey valuable information before the creation of your project. Our team works on a week-by-week basis, where our project managers kickstart new projects weekly in order to give our customers the highest possible service, focus and results.

Agency Partner Program

Expand your agency video services and outsource your animation production to a reliable and trustworthy business partner. At Storisell we have an agency partner program helping our partners focus on animation in order to meet local demand. Together we will create a long-term animation partnership. Overnight, you can start offering premium 2D/3D animation to your clients in your own agency name. Storisell is the long-term agency partner you have been waiting to meet.

About Explainer Videos

An explainer video is an efficient tool used when prospecting for new business, explaining complex ideas or as first-impression on a website. An explainer video campaign is more than just another Youtube video. It has to connect with the listener and educate them - in a fun and concise way.

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Explainer Video Sweden
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Explainer Video Sweden
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