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Explainer video Košice

Storisell is an international marketing agency producing premium explainer videos for our clients in Košice. We believe that carefully selected content can transform your company. We have been producing premium animated explainer videos for our clients in Košice since 2017 when our co-founder visited the city as a part of the Erasmus for Young Entreprenurs. To learn more, request our prices and get started.

We deliver content and explainer videos to our clients in Košice, Slovakia

Don’t you want your company to be presented professionally so that you can achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? A high-quality video can be easily identified and distinguished from less well-produced ones. One great video could completely transform how the world perceives your company. A typical explainer video should last about 2 minutes or less than 60 seconds. Again, shorter is preferable. An effective animated explainer video, typically lasting 60-90 seconds and ending with a clear call to action, is one of the most measurable tools for launching a company or product.

The most common type of explainer video is an animated explainer video; animation is often the preferred format for explaining services or intangible tech products such as software. Because some services involve few, if any, physical objects, live action is an unfeasible option.