We believe that explainer video has the ability to transform the way your company attracts new customers, investors and talent

Present your company in less than 60 seconds using explainer video from Storisell. Perfect for your company website, sales meetings and social media adverts. Carefully selected content has the ability to transform your business. You are one meeting away from content that can transform your company

At Storisell we are video partners to our clients. What does that mean? Through one framework our customers can continuously order video based on needs within their sales and marketing organisation. Present your company in 60 seconds with an explainer video. Perfect for your company website, sales meetings, and social media marketing. At Storisell we believe that explainer videos have the ability to transform the way your company does business.

Client: Prime Penguin

Storisell proudly delivers an explainer video campaign to Prime Penguin – a Swedish third-party logistics company.


At Storisell we focus on delivering an efficient pre-production and creative process with emphasis on presenting your company in less than 60 seconds – across all platforms.

When you order an explainer video campaign from Storisell we start with creating a storyboard. A storyboard is a visual depiction of the video campaign before we start producing. This helps us answer critical questions regarding 2D graphics and animations used throughout the explainer video. We also choose a suitable voiceover talent and can currently offer a wide range of languages or dialects. A common practice among multi-international companies is to select several languages for one explainer video and therefore helping you reaching more people with one campaign. The normal delivery time for an explainer video production depends on the quantity of explainer videos ordered in your video campaign, but for one explainer video the delivery time is currently thirty (30) business days.
A creative process is unique and requires an effective process in order to save time, money and energy. At Storisell we have created a workshop model that conducts over 90% of preparatory work by mapping and selecting pre-production activities. This workshop model is an agile approach to the creative process. You will – in a fun and creative workshop – experience the creative process. A common problem in the creative process is decision-making, that often can be dragged out and delayed. In order to work proactively we have developed a workshop model that eliminates wasteful activities and focuses on measurable output that helps the creative process blossom. We schedule workshops for 3-4 hours at a time. The normal workshop is booked 9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00. Book a workshop with your new video partner. Welcome to Storisell.

You are one meeting away from content that can transform your company

We believe carefully selected content has the potential to transform the way your company does business. What do you want to produce? Book a meeting with our team to get started.

Client: ClickSys

Here’s an example from our portfolio. ClickSys needed an explainer video to present their new product “Social Media Mirror” at the Nordic eCommerce Summit in Stockholm. This was done in cooperation with Olapic and Bubbleroom. Two prominent players in the online fashion retail industry.



Start your new video campaign online. A Project Manager will review your project and return with a proposal within 1-2 business days. Have questions about the process? You can send your project information directly to business@storisell.com with your questions.

1-2 business days. A Project Manager from Storisell will review your video campaign and return with a video production quote through our e-sign client (currently GetAccept). Let us know if you have any questions regarding this process at business@storisell.com

You will be contacted by phone or email – based on the conversation with an Account Project Manager from Storisell, we will send a video campaign proposal through our e-sign client (currently GetAccept).

Yes, you can view our prior video campaigns here. (Link: www.storisell.com/portfolio)

We frequently write new articles about how to run video campaigns. These articles can be found here. (Link: www.storisell.com/stories)

Yes. We offer several SLA’s that are used to run a video campaign. We also have several fixed-price service-level agreements you can choose from, and, you can also combine different videos to craft a unique video campaign including employer branding, studio interviews, and premium explainer videos with SLA’s tailored based on the campaign needs. Contact our team to learn more. (email: business@storisell.com)

Why explainer video Košice?


Present your company in less than 60 seconds using explainer video Warszawa. At Storisell we create premium explainer video Warszawa campaigns for your sales and marketing channels. An explainer video Warszawa is an efficient tool used when prospecting for new business, explaining complex ideas or as first-impression on a website. An explainer video campaign is more than just another Youtube video. It has to connect with the listener and educate them – in a fun and concise way – around your product or service.

Client: Closers

Storisell proudly delivers an explainer video campaign to Closers – a Swedish headhunting and sales recruitment agency based in Stockholm. Learn more