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Employer branding videos

Produce employer branding videos for your company. Explain to candidates why choosing your company will empower their career. Perfect for your recruitment process, interviews and job postings. We made all our prices available in one pdf-document that you can download via the form. If you’d rather write us directly then it’s Welcome to Storisell!


Storisell produces animated employer branding video to Thales

Storisell has produce an animated employer branding video for Thales. The video was produced in two languages: Spanish and English. We want to thank the Thales team for a good collaboration.

Film / Animation / Design

Oxceed talks about their productions with Storisell

Oxceed has ordered several video productions and design projects from our team at Storisell. In this testimonial video, Martin Ericson at Oxceed talks about their experience working with Storisell and what the content means for a growing SaaS company. We want to thank the team at Oxceed for a good collaboration.

Design / Animation / Film

XR Tech on their productions with Storisell

Sebastian Kjersén, Founder and CEO at XR Tech, talks about their projects with our production team at Storisell. We have produced several animated explainer videos, film productions, and digital design deliverables for the VR company. Thanks to the team at XR Tech for a good collaboration.


Whisbi talks about their productions with Storisell

Watch the testimonial video where Whisbi describes their experience working with our team at Storisell. Whisbi is a global company that offers an enterprise solution for live-video engagement. The interview is with the company’s Marketing Director, Urska Blagojevic. We want to thank the Whisbi team for a good collaboration.

Employer branding videos that make recruitment and retention just a bit easier.

In recruitment marketing, employer branding videos have become popular. These videos help candidates better understand the culture, people, and expectations before applying or starting a new role. At Storisell our in-house team help you produce your employer branding videos from the initial concept to final render. We usually start with a workshop in order to collect as much information about your company and recruitment objectives as possible. Based on the workshop, we write a production plan that aligns our goals in the production of the employer branding videos. This helps everyone in the project better understand the process.

The next step in creating your employer branding videos are the production days. Our team usually works in so called “production days” where we schedule the scenes and b-roll we want to capture in the videos. These scenes are normally aligned in the production plan and sometimes we will experiment on the location in order to optimise the end-result. When we’ve captured all the raw video materials we want from the production days, we start the post-production process. This is where we edit the employer branding videos. We select, color grade, cut and master the raw materials from the production days in this stage before we export the first drafts of the videos.

Do you also want to produce videos for your company? Produce your videos with our in-house film team at Storisell. We help you from the concept to the final render. Start by requesting our price guide or contact someone on our team.

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Learn more about what we offer as a marketing agency. All the content we produce is done by our in-house team in order to ensure that our customers get the high, premium quality they deserve.



Here we show select client cases and testimonial videos where our customers talk about their collaborations with Storisell. The aim is to give you inspiration for your marketing.



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What is an employer branding video?

How should participate in our employer branding videos?

What should an employer branding video focus on?

These movies are intended to display the business’ distinctive culture and personality and set it apart from competing companies in order to draw in top candidates. Employer branding videos can be utilized as stand-alone material on a company’s website, social media accounts, and other online platforms or as a component of a bigger recruitment marketing strategy. They are a useful tool for businesses trying to establish a reputation as a desirable employer and effectively and effectively communicate their brand to job searchers.