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Client success stories

Storisell España produces video campaign for Tunstall

Storisell proudly presents our corporate video production for Tunstall, which specializes in digital health and care services. Tunstall provides services for more than 2.5 million users in 51 countries and is a key player in the telehealth market. When Tunstall was looking for someone to empower their branding in Spain they contacted Storisell. This video production is part of a series of videos that Storisell is creating, regarding their services. The main goal of this production is to empower Tunstall’s branding in the Spanish market as they provide vital technology and services for more than 330,000 clients in the territory. Storisell España was responsible for the entire production from concept development in the workshop to proofing graphics with excellent cooperation from the client. It is a pleasure to work with a top brand like Tunstall, so we thank them for a great project.

Project Manager: Santiago Garmendia Tagliaferro,
Place: Barcelona, Spain

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