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Client success stories

Storisell produces explainer videos to ROL Ergo

Storisell produces explainer videos to ROL Ergo

ROL Ergo Explainer Videos

Storisell can proudly present our customer case with ROL Ergo. ROL Ergo is a global company that partners with leading manufacturers of office furniture. In this production, we focused on RIO Companion and RIO Wellness, two product launches that focus on the future of workplace tech through smart digital tools. Together with the team at ROL Ergo, Storisell has developed a concept, script, selected voice actor and produced the films based on the customer’s graphic profile.

At Storisell we believe that carefully selected content can transform your company. That’s why our process is built on tailoring a content marketing strategy for your company and producing the content ourselves. No outsourcing. Content marketing is all about details. Understanding, planning and producing. By carefully selecting and producing customer specific content we help your brand focus on the activities that generate sales results. You are one meeting away for content that can transform your business.

01. Workshop

At Storisell, we have developed a workshop model that helps us understand our clients along with identifying, selecting and producing effective content. Each workshop generates a content plan that is revise and gets allocated an annual budget.

02. Content Plan

Based on our workshop, a content plan is written which includes a content marketing strategy and production schedule. Together we revise the plan and start production. You can also start by producing an explainer video or a website, then add the content plan later.

03. Production

Based on the framework, our team will produce content according to the production schedule that usually runs annually. This way, we help your company produce and measure the results in your campaigns over time. Book a meeting to get started.

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