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How to film testimonial videos

How to film testimonial videos

How do you film testimonial videos? The filming location is crucial for one to produce good testimonial videos. The interview needs to take place in the right type of environment and with the right type of conditions. Good testimonial videos consists of two things; first the interview and secondly the b-role. B-roll materials are secondary film clips that visually enhance the content of the conversation. Usually we record the interview before we produce the b-roll. The space in which the interview is set is also crucial. There needs to be room for cameras and lamps, the room needs to be quiet and free from disturbing sounds such as calls, traffic noise and ventilation systems, and light input from windows needs to be able to be controlled with, among other things, curtains or blinds. In many cases, our team at Storisell brings film lighting that is adapted for a film production and in that way we are not dependent on natural lights or light fixtures in the ceiling. One thing that is important is the background behind the participant that is being interviewed. How does it look? Does the background consist of a dull white wall or is it an office landscape? Do you want to produce the testimonial video in a creative studio or perhaps a cozy home environment? The space behind the interviewee – the subject – occupies 90% of the image area, so it is important that it looks appealing. Here our team is happy to help you find a space that is suitable for your testimonial videos. It is not uncommon to be a little nervous before an interview. There are several cameras pointing at you and you might feel a bit awkward if you are not used to it. Fortunately, our friendly team at Storisell is with you on-site and can help you feel comfortable and make the experience as positive as possible.

When we are satisfied and completed with the interview, we record the b-roll materials. B-roll clips are materials that we use in order to reinforce the content in the conversation: if we are talking about a new product, we would also like to show the product; If we are talking about customers, we would like to show them. B-roll also gives us the opportunity to hide clips in the interview – which improves the editing work-flow so that the film becomes even better. Before we produce the b-roll, we go through how the testimonial interview went and what kind of b-roll we want to capture. All ideas are good at this stage and here we have the opportunity to film as many ideas as possible which increases our flexibility in the post-production stage when we return to the office to start editing your new testimonial videos.

Below you can view the testimonial video we filmed together with our client Oxceed in Malmö, Sweden.

Before you film testimonial videos, what is important to think about in the pre-production?

It is important to think about what end-results we are aiming at achieving. A testimonial video is more than just a filmed conversation. How do you want the video to look? Should the dialog be produced in a high or low tempo? Fast clips and exciting music convey spontaneity and energy. Should your films be slow and sweeping to convey security and stability? People usually talk about “filming for the purpose of the end-result”. The clearer you can communicate your ideas and desired outcome before we film, the better our accuracy will be.

How can you or the end-client prepare before we film testimonial videos?

To get the best out of a testimonial video, it’s important to be prepared and to know what the interview is trying to convey – what information should the viewer be left with after viewing the testimonial video? How many segmentations and audiences should the content target? Maybe we should repeat the same question several times and angle the answers towards different target groups? It’s not uncommon for you to be able to read the interview questions well in advance of the testimonial interview – so why not take the time to read each question and plan your answers? Write them down on a piece of paper that you take with you on-site. We are happy to take part of your notes so that we can optimize and present your answers with a good b-roll during the video production. Or let a colleague ask you the questions out loud and ask them to give feedback on your answers to see if they feel natural. Maybe you and your colleagues can help each other together, so you have the opportunity to be well prepared before it’s time to record. The more you prepare your answers, the more time we can spend improving the other parts of the testimonial video.

Do you also want to produce videos for your company? Produce your videos with our in-house film team at Storisell. We help you from the concept to the final render. Start by requesting our price guide or contact someone on our team.

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