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Explainer video prices

Today, it can be difficult to find what professional video production will cost your company. That’s why we’ve made it easy for your to view our prices here ( We all know that video production is a creative skill and can, therefore, be priced very differently depending on the team’s competence, technical capabilities, and geographic location. In this article we go through some of the benefits of creating explainer videos and what you need to think about.

1. Great first impressions can unlock opportunities

Ask yourself, how important is your company’s first impression? What kind of business opportunities will a great first impression unlock? And, if the company has a bad first impression, what are the lost opportunities? The production quality in the video can easily be felt. It’s the professional audio, premium animation, and imagery that your target audience feels, even your own team, and by the end of the day, yourself. If explainer videos are going to be your first impression, invest in it properly. Our explainer video prices can be found here (

2. Well produced explainer videos can boost conversion rates

Explainer video production should be seen as an investment that can improve several metrics in your sales and marketing. This could be landing page or website conversion rates where video has been proven to increase conversions. All our explainer video prices can be viewed here (

3. Quality video is generally more shareable than text

Adding videos to your marketing message will generally improve the conversation with your audience more than static text and since videos are easily consumed by the viewer (and listener) they tend to be a more popular way for users to engage with your brand. A quality explainer video is also engaging a showcase your company’s offering a great way. Find all our explainer video prices in the following document (

4. Professional explainer videos reflect your brand and culture

When you picture your company, don’t you want it to be presented in a professional way that will help you achieve the aims you’ve set for yourself? A high-quality video can quickly be spotted and separated from the less well-produced ones. One great video could change the entire way your company is perceived by the world. The explainer video prices at Storisell can be viewed on the following page (

When you picture your company, don’t you want it to be presented in a professional way that will help you achieve the aims you’ve set for yourself?

4. Well produced videos hold attention longer by being more appealing

Good design also generally helps increase the time spent on each explainer video. The videos that have interesting design characteristics and a good creative concept will almost certainly be a “show” for your audience and provide your will all kinds of communication benefits felt by many of its stakeholders. Here are good examples for you: All our explainer video prices can be found here (

5. A professional pre-production always helps

If you want to spend the most time on anything, it’s the pre-production and a high-quality explainer video production pays more attention to marketing messaging and uses techniques targeting what your audience needs to hear. At Storisell we’ve made it easy to view our explainer video prices which can be found here (


6. Focusing too much on budget

Make it a goal that your videos should be a central tool that improves your marketing and sales activities. That means that the explainer videos you produce have a significant impact on your bottom line, and that’s why it’s important to invest in a video production company that takes your message very seriously and can create something that properly guides your customers to purchase your goods or services. Get our explainer video prices that can be found here (

7. Low-cost productions can quickly become high-cost productions

The problem with low-end explainer video productions is that most of the time they haven’t budgeted for a proper revisions that are typically included in a creative process. Sometimes not even the main production. The costs in low-cost productions are therefore quickly added and become unexpected expenses in addition to the already agreed cost. And, even if it’s claimed that pre-production is included in the agreement, the production team doesn’t always have the time to properly review the additional client requests that you ask for causing the video quality to decrease and delivery dates to be extended. Make sure to get our explainer video prices that can be found here (

8. Low cost can also mean long delivery time

Generally, low-cost explainer video productions are built on the basis that the client won’t come with lots of feedback and requests along the creative process. This means that as soon as the client get’s more involved in the production, the team doesn’t have the internal budget to manage the extended revisions which naturally leads to longer delivery times. Want to know our explainer video prices too? View them here (

9. Low-budget can mean low audio quality

In the creative industry, the people that know audio design and sound engineering also price their services at a fair rate, because their work really adds a lot of quality to explainer video production. Lowering the budget a lot of the time means leaving the audio component, partially or completely, out of the production process. On our website, we showcase examples of well-produced audio versus the original raw files recorded in the studio – the difference between them is often astounding. Go for high-quality audio with voice-over artists that bring your explainer video story to the market. The explainer video prices at Storisell can be found here (

About producing explainer videos at Storisell

Explainer videos can be applied in a number of ways and they generally focus on educating your audience on topics such as products, services, recruitment, processes, systems, or a new idea your company wants to launch. Regardless of which version of an explainer video you choose, the aim is for people to understand what your company does. That’s why Storisell produces a variety of premium explainer videos for our clients. Download our prices here (, in the document we include a number of different explainer videos that each can be used to improve your marketing communications. The prices in our document include everything from the initial workshop to writing the manuscript, developing a storyboard in the pre-production to recording with a professional voice-over artist to the animation work, and sound editing. Ideally, you want to use all these explainer videos to optimise your communications, but you can also start with one and add on as you go. You can also request the prices by emailing