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Digital First Impressions – How to get it right

Digital First Impression

Within seven seconds, you will have explained if you are reliable, competent and if your heart is in the right place

It only takes seven seconds or less to make or break your first impression with a customer, and this translates into the online environment. Within seven seconds, you will have explained if you are reliable, competent and if your heart is in the right place – questions that are vital to your relationship with a potential customer. So, what tools can our team at Storisell recommend in order to give you an edge and provide you with the most likelihood of succeeding at creating a great first impression? Here’s where premium video production comes into play and you might be surprised about what we are about to tell you.

It is, of course, possible to get a new shot at a first impression afterwards the first initial contact, but it’s a long process and is difficult to complete with one hundred percent accuracy – so, let’s conclude, it’s just better when you get things right the first time. So how do you make a good first impression?

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It’s good to have a friendly conversation with a potential business contact with whom you want to have a long term relationship with. Focus on asking questions about the following three things: personality, motivation or emotions. If you ask where the person comes from, and they explain that they have recently moved to a new city, continue the conversation by asking how the move felt rather than telling them that you know the city they come from. Then the conversation is about the customer as a person. We humans like to be noticed, so questions about the customer’s own feelings are positive. Remember to address the customer by name for the same reason. A trick to easily remember people’s names is to link the name to something physical. If you hear the name “Katarina”, think, for example, of a little cat walking around. You can also ask questions with a personal connection to the meeting you just had: “I saw that you were interested in one of the points we discussed during the meeting. Is it something you are involved in?”. These are great ways to start a more personal relationship.

Also, consider what impression you want to give to your customers. A new contact does not know anything about you other than what they see when they meet you, so that person is who they assume you are. If you start a relationship by complaining about the traffic, you are assumed to be a person who complains, even if it is far from the truth. Your behavior, the topic of conversation and your choice of clothes are all examples of factors that affect the impression you give.

Today, it is increasingly common to meet online instead of real life. Video meetings are becoming a stronger part of everyday life, so small talk at the coffee machine risks becoming more unusual. The importance of immediately creating a good first impression has never been greater.

With video productions, you get the opportunity to give your customers a first impression of both you and your company before the first meeting takes place. It is therefore important that the image you present corresponds to what the customer can expect from a long-term relationship with you. There are many ways to prepare a good first impression for your customers. Video productions, such as business films, brand films and employee films are excellent ways to communicate the values ​​and attitudes that you and your company are standing behind. Our team at Storisell help you brainstorm ideas for video productions you can use in your communication and to develop a production design that reflects the company’s values.

 With a wide selection of video productions in your marketing, you lay the foundation for a good first impression even before the first meeting takes place.

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