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5 Questions That Create Powerful Video Testimonials

5 Need-to-know Questions That Create Powerful Video Testimonials

Creating genuine video testimonials can change the way your customers, employees, and business partners feel about your company. But, asking the right questions can be hard for someone doing it for the first time. The first rule of creating powerful testimonials is: they need to look undoubtedly genuine. At Storisell we produce testimonial videos for our clients and the first thing we focus on is making the testimonial sound and feel genuine. Therefore, we often discourage using professional actors. The only compromise is if they have been sent product samples a week in advance. Or if they easily can test the product or service before giving their testimonial in front of the camera. But, what questions should you ask in order to create a powerful video testimonial?

Ask these five questions:

  1. What main concern did you have about buying the product? All customers, regardless of surety, have their hesitations. This could be due to the price or other personal pros/cons. By asking this question and helping the customers answer how they overcame this hesitation, you help other people make up their minds.
  2. After buying the product, what are you most happy about? Creating positive expectations about your product can help you sway potential customers. They want to hear about the positive effects the product has had. This significantly helps decrease purchase ambiguity.
  3. What product feature is your favorite? Help your customers answer this question as specifically as possible. You want to be able to highlight key selling-points in your testimonial. By asking for specific features you have more to talk about to other potential customers.
  4. What about the product surprised you the most? This question has two distinct benefits. Firstly, this will provide information regarding your product that you maybe haven’t included in your previous marketing materials. Secondly, this question will, if asked correctly, showcase the customers sincerity. Creating a powerful testimonial that feels genuine.
  5. Would you recommend the product to our potential customers? A great way to persuade potential customers is to ask existing customers why they would recommend your product. This question gives you a hard-core testimonial to use across your marketing channels.

Video testimonials are becoming a popular way of sharing customer success stories. At Storisell we produce testimonial videos for our clients. If you like this article and plan on using these questions, let us know so that we can provide a video production quote. Learn more about producing video testimonials for your company, here.