Storisell produces interview videos for Vindö Marin

Storisell produces interview videos for Vindö Marin

Interview Videos Vindö Marin

Storisell has produced a series of interview videos for Vindö Marin. Vindö has a long-standing history of producing boats on Vindön, the most iconic being the Vindö sailing vessels that still today can be seen sailing in various parts of the world and along the Swedish coasts in particular. Today, Vindö Marin, operate a large boatyard and conduct full-service restorations and boat storage. An impressive boatyard, with everything from a 40-ton boat crane to 9,000 square meters heated storage with humidity control to fully equipped workshops for woodworking, reconditioning, rigging, mechanical and electronics work as well as varnishing. In this production, Storisell interviewed the boatyards CEO, Rolf Carlgren, in order to produce eight product videos that highlight the specific skills the team at Vindö Marin have. The interview spot we selected was upon the boatyards newly built Vindö Rapid Commuter, a 32-foot motorboat. We want to thank the Vindö team for a good production.

Project Manager: William Sehlin,


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