Rystad Energy

International Explainer Video Campaign

Client: Rystad Energy AS

Storisell delivers explainer video campaign to Rystad Energy

Client: Rystad Energy AS
Project Manager: William Sehlin, +46733 1441 26, william@storisell.com
Production Lead: Ossian Veronese, +46709 62 1998, ossian@storisell.com

Storisell proudly delivers an international video campaign consisting of ten explainer videos to oil and gas company Rystad Energy. Rystad Energy offers global and regional tools tailored for in-depth analysis of the upstream, oilfield service, energy markets, and renewable energy industry. This explainer video campaign focused on designing ten videos for the client’s products. Products ranging from databases and analytics giving a complete overview of the global oil and gas industry, and much more. We started the project together with Rystad’s team in Oslo, Norway. For two days we meet with product owners and discussed the goal of the overall production. The result is a comprehensive video campaign with a business-to-business feel. Everything is designed based on Rystad’s graphic profile in order to reflect their brand.

Rystad Energy Explainer Video by Storisell 2
Rystad Energy Explainer Video by Storisell 3
Rystad Energy Explainer Video by Storisell 4