Client: Parweb AS

Storisell delivers animated explainer video campaign to Norwegian e-learning startup Parweb

Storisell proudly delivers a video campaign to the Norwegian e-learning startup Parweb. Parweb wants to give more people the opportunity to receive couple therapy on their own terms, directly in their own home, via a video platform. Founder Andreas Løes Narum, who stands behind Parweb, has extensive experience as a psychologist and therapist. He has participated as an expert in several television productions at NRK1 (Norwegian television), including “Bør de gifte seg” and “Test Kjærligheten”. In this production, our goal at Storisell was to produce two segmented explainer video aimed at Parweb’s investors and consumers. The investor segment was produced in English and the consumer segment in Norwegian. The films content reflects the unique benefits for each target audience. The flat design is based on Parweb’s graphic profile.

Customer: Parweb AS
Project Manager: William Sehlin,
Production Lead: Ossian Veronese,

Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 7
Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 5
Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 6
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 7 Cover
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 1
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 8
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 2
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 9
Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 2
Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 1
Parweb Explainer Video Storisell 10
Parweb Explainer Video Storisell 9
Parweb Explainer Video Storisell 8
Parweb Explainer Video Storisell 1
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 10
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 3
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 4
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 5
Parweb Animasjonsfilm Storisell 6
Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 4
Parweb Video Forklaringsvideo Storisell 3


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