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Storisell delivers trainee video to GANT

Storisell delivers trainee video to GANT

Storisell delivers a video production focusing on employee education to GANT. GANT is a world leading retailer within the mens and women fashion industry. Our team at Storisell has produced trainee videos for GANT as a way to educate employees on how to use in-store storytelling. Video is an intuitive way to communicate and share knowledge within organizations. Video is commonly used through employer branding strategies, but can also be effective for educational purposes and recruitment. With over 60% of people having a visual learning style, video makes for a great educational tool in order to share insights and information with employees.

The video is for internal use only and will therefore not be showcased.

Storisell was founded in early 2016 with the goal of offering our customers video campaigns and content on demand. Our business model is high-volume video campaigns. We believe that video has the ability to transform the way businesses attract new customers, investors and talent. We therefore offer video via a standardized framework agreement. By acknowledging that over 60% of people have the visual learning style, our job is to help people understand the products and services they consume. Video has the potential to transform your business.