B2B: Using Explainer Videos Based on Buyer Behavior

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B2B: Using Explainer Videos Based on Buyer Behavior

by William Sehlin

Today your customers spend considerable time researching before making purchasing decisions. That’s well established. At the same time, an explainer video can help your customers research faster. In less than 60 seconds. Which cuts conversion time. In this article, our team at Storisell decodes why using an explainer video early in the purchasing process can improve your lead generation. And, potentially change your entire marketing approach based on modern buying behavior. Let’s explain.

B2B Explainer Videos B2B Explainer Videos B2B Explainer Videos B2B Explainer Videos B2B Explainer Videos

Ask yourself an important question: How do your customers look for information today and at what stage of the purchasing process do they usually contact you? The answer can totally make you rethink (or reinvigorate) your marketing tactics. While websites are both a window to the outside world and an embodiment of your company. It should also possess certain features to simplify the customer dialogue. Your website is usually where the customer journey begins. The ability for you to provide the right information at the right time on your website, regardless of your brand, can define your sales process. Google found that 65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information. That’s where we believe explainer videos come in.

In the past (ie. pre-internet), most of the information received by the buyer was received via salespeople who manually contacted and presented their offer. As a buyer, your choices were limited and information difficult to access. In comparison to today’s information flow, the buyer had less control. Today however, physical customer dialogue is taking place later in the purchasing process. And, the ability to help them research by providing information earlier in the buying process has become incredibly important. For example, Retailing Today found that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.

So, where do most customers start searching? The answer will most likely be Google (ie. your website), social media such as Facebook (B2C) and LinkedIn (B2B) but also YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, etc. Your website should therefore possess certain features with the ability to provide necessary information in order to help your potential customers make faster decisions. That’s again where explainer videos come into play. An explainer video can help your company communicate efficiently in less than 60 seconds. Providing the customer with information fast. And, if your explainer video is well produced, chances are you’ll be one of the researched companies that your potential buyer considers. But, how do you produce an efficient explainer video? Learn how to produce an explainer video with our team at Storisell. Start your own research here.

B2B Explainer Videos

How to produce an explainer video

When ordering an explainer video, there are certain things to keep in mind. For example, always make sure that the production company uses licenced music and graphics that include usage and ownership rights. If the explainer video is animated ask if they produce all the graphics in-house. That will give you an indication that you will not be liable for licenses after the production. The video production company often holds ownership over raw production files in order to protect itself against competitors. That’s ok. It means, they don’t want a competitor to be able to access the raw files they have worked so hard to build.  Therefore, you will find that most producers offer ownership buyout options. So don’t be alarmed, you will still be able to use your explainer video even if you don’t buy the raw files.

Secondly, make sure to conduct a thorough pre-production. In our experience at Storisell, the more information we have the better the explainer video will meet the customer’s expectations. A storyboard is a visual depiction that shows how your video will look like. Often storyboards come hand-sketched. But you’re sometimes going to meet production teams that present their storyboard using graphics (ie. style frames). Usually it’s more time consuming producing style frames, but it’s also a sign that you’ve found a good video production company. Also, ask for sound-effects. Using sound-effects can turn an otherwise flat explainer video, into an interesting video with clear message. Another important detail is the revision round. Your ability, as a purchaser, to provide clear instructions in the revision rounds can really help the production team to understand your needs. Therefore, as a general rule, try using checklists and bullet-points. A revision round consists of post-production correction that are made to your video. The reason why revisions are categorized as “rounds” is usually in order to help the production team schedule how long each revision round will take and how to deploy internal resources in order to deliver the project as soon as possible. It’s also important to consider the production company’s service-level, since, better service earlier in the project can often minimize the risk of extensive revision fees. For more tips about producing explainer videos contact our team for your first meeting.

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B2B Explainer Videos

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B2B Explainer Videos

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