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Explainer Video Boston

At Storisell we create high-quality explainer videos for our Boston clients. You can view a variety of customer cases on this page to learn more about producing your own explainer videos with us. You can also access our price list using the form. Our staff can be reached by email at Welcome to Storisell and premium content for your business.


Storisell produces explainer video’s to Connectel

In this case, we present our four-video campaign for Connectel’s system explainer. Our in-house team handled all aspect of the production, including the concept, artwork, animation, and final proofreading. The client’s brand book’s colors and rules are applied to every design. A cloud-based customer service platform called Connectel helps its users design seamless client experiences. We appreciate the excellent cooperation from the Connectel team.


Storisell’s explainer video production to Hager

As the top provider of systems, solutions, and services for electrical installation, Hager has a lengthy tradition. Hager employs more than 11,000 people, has manufacturing facilities in 22 countries, and serves clients in more than 120 nations. Storisell has created animated explainer videos for Hager in both Swedish and English alongside the Swedish Hager-team. We appreciate the smooth working relationship with the Hager team.

Storisell creates system explainer videos to Filestar

Storisell is pleased to share our Filestar explainer video. You can edit any file with Filestar, a file management program. The idea, the writing, the voiceover, the animation, and the proofreading were all created by Storisell. The client’s brand book serves as the foundation for all design work. We appreciate the Filestar team’s helpful cooperation.


Storisell’s explainer video productions to Hosco

An explainer video created by Storisell has been produced for the biggest hospitality recruitment site in the world. Hosco helps the hospitality industry by connecting, inspiring, and providing chances to all of the specialists in the field throughout the world. Storisell was in charge of managing all step of this production, from concept development in the workshop to graphic proofing, in perfect conjunction with the client. We appreciate the Hosco team for this production.

Animation / Film / Design

Storisell’s explainer video productions for Minty

We are here showcasing the explainer video we made for Minty Digital. Everything needed to produce the video was entirely original work by the internal design team at Storisell. We value the collaboration with the Minty Digital team.


Storisell creates explainer videos to Ensure

Here we are showcasing our Ensure KS explainer video production. The internal design team at Storisell created everything involved in the video production from scratch. We appreciate the positive working relationship with the Ensure team.

Explainer Video Boston

Translate your content to new languages

In order to help your business translate its information into all the languages it need, Storisell offers content translation services. Since there are various markets where U.S. businesses sell their products and services, finding a reliable partner for content translation is particularly important. The aim is to create local content that feels native for every country or region where you sell your offer. If you have questions, feel free to reach out via

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FAQ Explainer Video Boston

What are the benefits of producing an explainer video?

The advantages of explainer videos are as follows: You can clearly explain difficult ideas with an explainer video. Compared to other kinds of communication, they are frequently more memorable and have the potential to be both amusing and engaging. Furthermore, explainer videos may quickly be shared online and have a broad audience. Learn more

What does motion graphics mean?

Motion graphics are images that move. It is the clearest definition you can find. Motion Graphics is frequently referred to as Motion Design, which makes the connection between movement and design aspects clearer. Learn more