Carefully crafted content can transform your recruitment process. Explain to candidates why choosing your company will empower their career. Perfect for your recruitment process, interviews and job postings.

Employer Branding Videos

Today, as an employer, it’s important to stand out. Modern recruitments methods can take many forms, but one thing is essential. Every company needs to attract the right applicants in order to fill positions. Employer branding is a widely admired approach that helps companies recruit. With an employer branding video, we want to highlight the benefits of working at the company, but also reinforce important values that the organization holds to be true. What are the core ethics or principles of the company? What employment policies has the company set going forward? What sets the organization apart from its competitors? These are important questions. So, how do we produce employer branding videos? An employer branding video can be produced in several ways, everything from interviews and animation to stop-motion and corporate storytelling. At the end of the day, the most important part is being able to use the employer branding video to attract more applicants. Start by booking a meeting with our team at Storisell. We have produced employer branding videos for both large and small companies ranging from animation, interviews to corporate storytelling. Book a meeting to get started.

Over 60% of people are visual learners according to established NLP-studies. Among your applicants, how many is that?

Using video in recruitment is becoming a popular method for talent acquisition. At Storisell, we seek to help candidates understand the companies they are applying to, because we believe that it’s all about people. Over 60% of people are visual learners and tend to understand visual content better than written text. An employer who’s able to clarify their recruitment objectives also makes their position understood in the labor market. Helping them acquire more talent in the long-term. Create a recruitment video that explains to candidates why they should choose your company. Perfect for your recruitment process.


Employer Branding Videos

At Storisell we focus on delivering an efficient pre-production and creative process with emphasis on your employer branding.

Hiring great people also means recruiting great applicant leads. A modern organization should apply sales and marketing principles to their recruitment in order to find, hire and retain the best people. Employer branding videos are effective tools to help your team get there. Over 60% of people are visual learners according to established NLP-studies. We process images 60,000 times faster than plain text and 90 percent of all information transmitted to the brain is visual. Making an employer branding video campaign a powerful tool for recruitment objectives.

Recruitment marketing and employer branding video campaigns go hand-in-hand and provides your organization with an opportunity to share, educate and influence prospective candidates. At Storisell we have created a workshop model that conducts over 90% of preparatory work by mapping and selecting pre-production activities. This workshop model is an agile approach to the creative process. A normal workshop runs between three to four hours. You will – in a fun and creative workshop – experience the creative process and take the steps necessary to crafting your employer branding videos.


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