How to Produce Facebook Cover Videos

Academy: How to Produce Facebook Cover Videos Facebook Cover Videos Facebook is officially updating its Facebook Pages to include video covers. Which is awesome. And, if your company relies heavily upon Facebook for…

Why your company should start business vlogging

When considering how many different types of content is out there, can business vlogging do your company justice? In this article we focus on business vlogging. We give you real insights on why you should use YouTube and other social media channels with great video sharing platforms. Think twice before deciding on the next marketing budget because vlogging might just have the potential to provide lot’s of content on a relatively small budget.

6 Explainer Video Strategies for Business

Using explainer video has become a common tool for businesses in order to stand out and explain complex ideas in an easy and digestible way. But, where can explainer video be implemented in order to efficiently work for your company? Storisell explains.

Why your startup needs an explainer video

Today explainer videos have become synonymous with pitch decks, sales presentations, website convention strategies and content marketing. This is even more true for startups – with an explainer video being one of the first things entrepreneurs prioritize. Why have explainer videos become such a key part of the go-to-market strategy? Which are the true benefits behind the explainer video phenomena? Learn more here.