We believe that video has the ability to transform the way your company attracts new customers, investors and talent.

Storisell was founded with the goal of offering our customers powerful sales content. We believe that carefully selected content has the ability to transform the way companies attract new customers, investors and employees. By understanding how 60% of people have a visual learning style, our work is about helping people understand the products and services they consume. We process images 60,000 times faster than plain text and over 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. The right content has the ability to transform your business. Book a meeting with our team.

You are one meeting away from content that can transform your company

We believe carefully selected content has the potential to transform the way your company does business. What do you want to produce? Book a meeting with our team to get started.

Over 60% of people are visual learners according to established NLP-studies. We process images 60,000 faster than plain text and over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

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Choose a supplier with a proven process. Through an internally developed workshop model, both time and energy are saved by carrying out more than 90% of the mapping and requirement specifications in new projects. This helps us start new projects faster and minimize overhead. Usually we book workshops for (3-4 hours). You will – during a fun and creative workshop – experience the creative process and convey valuable information before the creation of your project. Our team works on a weekly basis, where our project managers kickstart new projects in order to give our customers quality service, focus and results. We assume that we work as pragmatically as possible to put the customer first. The goal is always to generate powerful sales activities – which requires a business-focused approach.


At Storisell we focus on delivering an efficient pre-production and creative process with emphasis on presenting your company in less than 60 seconds – across all platforms.

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An explainer video campaign is more than just another youtube video. An efficient video campaign is about telling a compelling story that resonates with people, and since over 60% of people are visual learners – video tends to have positive implications on sales and marketing activities. The goal is to craft a video campaign that your entire team can use across your sales process, recruitment, product reviews and internal communication platform. A really good explainer video is seldom longer than two minutes. Studies have found that explainer videos shorter than 40 seconds feel salesy, while videos longer than two minutes are boring. The right length seems to be somewhere in the middle to have optimal efficiency. Videos are easily digestible, and easy to integrate on the sales process.
A creative process is unique and requires an effective process in order to save time, money and energy. At Storisell we have created a workshop model that conducts over 90% of preparatory work by mapping and selecting pre-production activities. This workshop model is an agile approach to the creative process. You will – in a fun and creative workshop – experience the creative process. A common problem in the creative process is decision-making, that often can be dragged out and delayed. In order to work proactively we have developed a workshop model that eliminates wasteful activities and focuses on measurable output that helps the creative process blossom. We schedule workshops for 3-4 hours at a time. The normal workshop is booked 9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00. We are based in Sweden, but conduct workshops with companies across Europe (EEA) and other parts of the world. Book a workshop with your new video partner. Welcome to Storisell.